Locks of Love

I decided it was time….time to cut off my hair that had been growing for nearly 3 years!  Sure, I had gotten trims, layers, etc…but no BIG cuts for 3 years!

So totally not the cutest picture…but you can see how long my hair was!  I have NEVER had long hair before…long to me was always about shoulder length so this is VERY long!

I knew the only person I would feel comfortable cutting my hair was Dani, and when I got to the salon she didn’t hesitate to get to work!  Thankfully this was the case, because otherwise I might have had second thoughts!

I’m sure my eyes were closed when this picture was taken!

10 inches!

I was in shock when it was gone but looked in the mirror and recognized my ‘old’ self!

Thanks Dani for doing such a great job!

Love the finished product and am SO excited about having a new summer haircut!

A special thank you to Emily for being my moral support and of course for taking pictures!


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