Catch Up

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I was thrilled when I got cancelled at work on Sunday night to make a full 3 day holiday for both of us!

Friday night we went to Bob’s friend Chris’s home for a housewarming party.  I was thrilled because Liz brought her sweet baby Owen and I spent time loving on him!

Debbie and adorable Owen

Sunday night we had Steve and Dani over for a belated birthday dinner for Steve.  Bob made wonderful lemon peppered chicken and we had a great meal!

Of course we had cake and you can see the Farkle on the coffee table too…we are teaching everyone how to play!

Steve’s shirt cracked us up! He and Dani recently adopted two kittens and they are in love!  Steve has always been a cat lover, but was deprived his whole childhood due to Bob’s horrible allergies.

Memorial Day we decided to do home-improvement projects (just like every other married couple) and made a trip to Home Depot. We left with a full cart of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. Bob was SO thrilled to walk into the parking lot and see this Mini-Donuts trailer.

I couldn’t turn down his excited plea and we both enjoyed this treat!

These are the fixtures that we needed to change in our bedroom.  There is an alcove with a jacuzzi tub and the fixtures in there were horribly outdated.

Bob gave me the look so I was forced to put my camera away…but I came home to installed lights this morning!

I think it makes a huge improvement!!


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