Spring has Sprung (a Leak!)

We have had crazy thunderstorms and lots of rain in the past few days…but that hasn’t stopped us (for the most part!).

We were thankful for a fun evening at our friends’ Brian and Mandy’s house where we ate some wonderful food….

and played some Wii Bowling!

My wonderful husband (finally) got the rest of our curtains hung in the bedroom!

Working nights…the biggest blessing that I have found are double blackout blinds and now curtains covering each window!  Basically, our bedroom gets almost as dark during the day as it does at night.

Bob is SO happy to finally have everything hung…but did indulge me by hanging my favorite summer flag!

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord – Psalm 33:12

So this afternoon I woke up to a leak in the basement!  It had been pouring for almost 24 hours and I went downstairs to empty the dehumidifier and walked into a puddle!  A stack of towels later, water was still running.

When Bob came home he got right to work….I guess a drain in the basement leading to the sump pump was clogged thus not only did we have a leak but the water had nowhere to go!

I did my part and tried to keep the towels we were willing to sacrifice dry.  Thank goodness we got all new towels for the wedding because we needed to use every single old towel we had!

Our extra storage in the back also had a leak so all of my boxes of Christmas decorations, extra dining room chairs, and other boxes got wet too!  The basement is going to need a good cleaning when all of this is done!

I am so thankful for a husband who can fix anything and I didn’t have any worry through the whole ordeal!


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