Twins Game

As much of a football fan as I am…baseball just doesn’t have the same pull for me. I still enjoy going to games and look forward to seeing the Twins play.  While my parents were visiting, we had gotten tickets for us to see the Twins play.  My Dad is a huge sports fan, and had yet to visit Target Field so we were excited to take him!

After church, we made our way downtown and walked around the stadium so my parents could take it all in….

I decided it was so nice to have another person to take pictures, because rarely do Bob and I end up with pictures of the two of us!

My parents were pretty excited (and yes, those binoculars go to every sporting event)

My Dad LOVES to look at old sporting relics, statues, you name it and he was so excited to go around and tell me about all of the players.  Kent Hrbek and and I shared the same number 14!

My Dad with the statue of Tony Oliva

My parents with the REAL Tony Oliva!  My Dad was SO excited and even told Mr. Oliva that he deserved a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

A very common sight with my Dad 🙂

My Mom always keeps score….

We played the Toronto Bluejays and ended up winning!  This was a BIG deal because to put it nicely, the Twins do not have the best record this season!  We saw Brian Dozier get his first Major League home run which was also really exciting.

And of course a trip to Target Field isn’t complete without visiting the famous Golden Glove….

We had a great time and the weather was beautiful (but the wind did get a little chilly because we were up so high!)


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