5K Run

I am by no means a ‘runner’ and as Bob puts it, I ‘jog’ and not very fast either…but I run to keep in shape and usually enjoy it (as soon as I get out of the door…that is definitely the hardest part!).  I like to have a 5k race that I ‘train’ for as it helps to give me a little motivation to keep running!

So I roped my friend Liz, my mom, and my cousin Jake (not pictured as he ran the 10 mile which started before the 5K) into running with me.  The hardest part for me that morning was getting out of bed at 7AM.  I NEVER get up that early, and to have to get up to run a race makes it even worse!

Leading the pack (#3630) was Jake in the 10 mile

Liz and I on our way!

Some very attractive pictures of us…but we all finished and were all happy with our times which makes it even better!

Still smiling…..

I won’t tell you our times from the 5K, but Jake ended up winning the 10 mile and came in at 54:01 (yes that means he ran 5:40 miles!)  We were so proud of him and were cheering hard on his way in!

Our biggest cheerleaders did awesome taking pictures and keeping us running! (and they didn’t complain about having to get up early to cheer us on either!)

My dad wanted to get in on the ‘runners’ photo

Jake won a medal (for winning his age group) and a duffel bag (for being the overall winner)…maybe someday I will win something….

….win something besides a door prize that is! (I ended up getting 5th in my age group and my mom got 4th in hers which means we were somewhat close to medaling 🙂 )

‘A rose between two thorns’

(the caption according to my dad)

We had a great time and I look forward to running my next 5K (or maybe I’ll push myself a little further and run a 5 mile!)


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