Happy Mother’s Day!

We celebrated a day early this year, but were excited to celebrate with both my mom and Bob’s mom.  We took our parents to one of our favorite restaurants in the Twin Cities Manitou Station.  The highlight for me (and everyone else) is the homemade dark chocolate mint you get at the end. SO yummy!

And of course…dinner is not complete without a Dairy Queen cake!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful mom’s in our life and we were happy to be able to celebrate with both of them!

Since Bob and I have a newfound love for the game Farkle, we decided to teach our parents how to play!

Since there is absolutely NO competitiveness in either of our families (HA!) we had a great time playing!

After Bob’s parents left, my mom made a trip to the basement and all I heard was this terrifying scream.  She ran up the stairs and directly to the guest bedroom where she slammed the door.  Bob and my dad came running down to the main floor and were laughing because they knew exactly what had happened.  Per her words, a bat ‘swooped’ right at her.  My dad and Bob could hardly stop laughing, each grabbed a tennis racket and a sticky mouse trap, and headed downstairs.  Not even 30 seconds later….Bob came up triumphant….

I will be the first to admit, that the thought of bats flying around inside our house freaked me out and I spent an entire day while Bob was at work limited to our kitchen, guest bedroom, bathroom, and living room on the main floor because I was too afraid to go wherever the bat had potential access to.

(this picture was taken with maximum zoom to keep me a maximum distance away)

And to show how much of a kick Bob and my dad got out of scaring us with the bat….

Frankly I think it is just downright mean to chase poor women around with a still-alive bat that is on a sticky trap but that is just me.


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