Weekend Recap

This past weekend I worked every day so I am now getting around to posting about the things that we (still) managed to fit in!

I caught my husband trying to escape the house…but really he ended up just needing to go on the 2nd story roof to patch a hole.  I am so thankful for a husband who can do those things as we can hear bats flying in the attic above our garage. Ick!!

Bob spent Saturday helping out his friends Debbie and Terry paint their new house!  They had a ‘painting party’ and got nearly the whole main floor painted!

I missed out on most of the fun but joined in at the end with some clean-up

Bob hard at work 🙂

I was really excited when Ali, one of my friends from high school and college, (the ONLY one that was fluent between the two) was visiting the Cities from Colorado and had time to get together.  Ali and I played in the Orchestra back in high school and were stand partners for 3 years!  It was so much fun catching up with her and of course eating amazing ice cream at Sebastian Joe’s!

We ended up super close to where my sister and brother-in-law used to live and I got nostalgic enough to snap a picture of their old apartment.  I miss having them nearby SO much and can’t wait to (hopefully) have them back once Nick starts his residency.

 The New 35W Bridge

Then Bob and I headed to one of our favorite places downtown, the Stone Arch Bridge and I had fun experimenting with different camera settings

Minneapolis (with some mega-fog)

Spot the difference…..

We had a fun weekend that unfortunately for me did not consist of much else besides work and sleep but it was still fun to be able to sneak in some time with friends and each other!


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