Happy Birthday Aedan!

So Aedan’s Birthday was when we were in Arizona and I am just getting around to doing his birthday post!!  I have so many special memories of Aedan and treasure each and every one!

Aedan is the ‘night-owl’ of the bunch and while babysitting he was always the last to fall asleep.   Some Most of the time he would come out of the boys room when he couldn’t sleep and would help me clean up the kitchen or just sit and talk.

My parents use the ‘Aedan method’ at their house while loading the dishwasher…one night while everyone else was asleep Aedan showed me this special trick.  If you put the silverware into the dishwasher with the knives all together, the forks all together, and the spoons all together it is so easy to unload it because all you have to do is grab the whole basket! Aedan was probably about 7 when he came up with this idea 🙂

Aedan is a HUGE Packer fan and one of my favorite memories is taking him and Noah to Green Bay twice to see the Packers practice!  They brought their bikes along and even got players to ride them over to the practice field!

I love playing soccer with Aedan, and that was always one of his favorite things to do when I came over!

I always laugh when I think of the time we went to an amusement park and Aedan was just barely too short to go on the bumper cars.  I told him to raise on his tippy-toes when the attendant was looking at his head and go down on flat-feet when he looked down.  It worked and Aedan got to drive the car! 🙂

Aedan is SUCH a great big brother and is so kind and gentle with his younger siblings.  He never hesitates to stop and wait, or help them with tasks that they are struggling with.

Aedan (and Noah) were an awesome help with all things wedding…stuffing gift bags, making invitations, lighting candles, decorating the RV, setting tables, helping guests find their seats, the list is endless!

We love you Aedan and are excited to see you this summer!

Summer 2008

Aedan and Packer #64 (didn’t make the team) 2008

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