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Locks of Love

I decided it was time….time to cut off my hair that had been growing for nearly 3 years!  Sure, I had gotten trims, layers, etc…but no BIG cuts for 3 years!

So totally not the cutest picture…but you can see how long my hair was!  I have NEVER had long hair before…long to me was always about shoulder length so this is VERY long!

I knew the only person I would feel comfortable cutting my hair was Dani, and when I got to the salon she didn’t hesitate to get to work!  Thankfully this was the case, because otherwise I might have had second thoughts!

I’m sure my eyes were closed when this picture was taken!

10 inches!

I was in shock when it was gone but looked in the mirror and recognized my ‘old’ self!

Thanks Dani for doing such a great job!

Love the finished product and am SO excited about having a new summer haircut!

A special thank you to Emily for being my moral support and of course for taking pictures!


Catch Up

We had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend and I was thrilled when I got cancelled at work on Sunday night to make a full 3 day holiday for both of us!

Friday night we went to Bob’s friend Chris’s home for a housewarming party.  I was thrilled because Liz brought her sweet baby Owen and I spent time loving on him!

Debbie and adorable Owen

Sunday night we had Steve and Dani over for a belated birthday dinner for Steve.  Bob made wonderful lemon peppered chicken and we had a great meal!

Of course we had cake and you can see the Farkle on the coffee table too…we are teaching everyone how to play!

Steve’s shirt cracked us up! He and Dani recently adopted two kittens and they are in love!  Steve has always been a cat lover, but was deprived his whole childhood due to Bob’s horrible allergies.

Memorial Day we decided to do home-improvement projects (just like every other married couple) and made a trip to Home Depot. We left with a full cart of lighting fixtures and ceiling fans. Bob was SO thrilled to walk into the parking lot and see this Mini-Donuts trailer.

I couldn’t turn down his excited plea and we both enjoyed this treat!

These are the fixtures that we needed to change in our bedroom.  There is an alcove with a jacuzzi tub and the fixtures in there were horribly outdated.

Bob gave me the look so I was forced to put my camera away…but I came home to installed lights this morning!

I think it makes a huge improvement!!

Melting Pot

Our sweet friend Bri’s birthday is tomorrow and we were excited to celebrate with her, her husband Jon, their adorable baby girl Harper, and the rest of Bri’s family.

We started out at Bri’s mom’s house and had a blast playing with Harper and the puppies.

Harper was so serious feeding the dogs 🙂

Bri and Harper

Harper is seriously the best baby ever…I can’t believe she will be one in July!

She is JUST starting to take a few steps on her own and it is so cute to watch!

Then us ‘grown-ups’ went to The Melting Pot for dinner and it was absolutely FABULOUS!

It was so fun to have time to visit and eat delicious food!

This is the meat tray…I’m not sure why I didn’t take a picture of the dessert plate because that was the best part! Bri and I both agreed that the best thing was bananas dipped in the chocolate peanut butter fondue! YUM!

 Jon and Bri

We had such a great time and love spending time with this sweet couple and their baby girl! (and we are SO excited for #2 due in October!)

And just to note…Bob is sound asleep on the couch next to me in a ‘food coma’…the food was THAT good!

Spring has Sprung (a Leak!)

We have had crazy thunderstorms and lots of rain in the past few days…but that hasn’t stopped us (for the most part!).

We were thankful for a fun evening at our friends’ Brian and Mandy’s house where we ate some wonderful food….

and played some Wii Bowling!

My wonderful husband (finally) got the rest of our curtains hung in the bedroom!

Working nights…the biggest blessing that I have found are double blackout blinds and now curtains covering each window!  Basically, our bedroom gets almost as dark during the day as it does at night.

Bob is SO happy to finally have everything hung…but did indulge me by hanging my favorite summer flag!

Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord – Psalm 33:12

So this afternoon I woke up to a leak in the basement!  It had been pouring for almost 24 hours and I went downstairs to empty the dehumidifier and walked into a puddle!  A stack of towels later, water was still running.

When Bob came home he got right to work….I guess a drain in the basement leading to the sump pump was clogged thus not only did we have a leak but the water had nowhere to go!

I did my part and tried to keep the towels we were willing to sacrifice dry.  Thank goodness we got all new towels for the wedding because we needed to use every single old towel we had!

Our extra storage in the back also had a leak so all of my boxes of Christmas decorations, extra dining room chairs, and other boxes got wet too!  The basement is going to need a good cleaning when all of this is done!

I am so thankful for a husband who can fix anything and I didn’t have any worry through the whole ordeal!

Book Review III

I’ve had a busy past 2 months….reading lots of books!  My stack of ‘to-review’ books kept piling up higher and higher in our den so you’ll have to be patient!  Not every book was worth reading but I typically HAVE to finish any book I start!

This was my list from last time of books I wanted to read….

1) The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by: Stieg Larsson (FINISHED!)

2) The Girl Who Played With Fire by: Stieg Larsson

3) The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest by Stieg Larsson

4) In a Perfect World by: Laura Kasischke (FINISHED!)

5) Those Who Save Us by: Jenna Blum (FINISHED!)

6) Still Summer by: Jacquelyn Mitchard (FINISHED!)


So I did pretty good….4/6

The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

By: Stieg Larsson

After taking 2 months to read this book (which is an eternity for me), I finally got halfway through the details, names, and Swedish banter and the second half was so much better! This detective thriller had my scrambling to get to the end and solve the mystery.  I still can’t rate the book too high because of the horribly slow first half of the book…it took true diligence for me to finish.

In A Perfect World

By: Laura Kasischke

This set-in-the-future novel once again opened my eyes to how unknown the future can be.  A newly married wife is left with her step-children after a flu virus destroys most of the United States.  This genre of book has gotten my interest and although the characters were not the most well-developed, simply the plot and intriguing drama kept me reading.

Those Who Save Us

By: Jenna Blum

This novel tells the story of a young woman raising her daughter in Nazi Germany.  She deals with immeasurable struggles, and is willing to sacrifice anything including herself to keep her daughter safe.  The novel is interspersed with snippets from the woman’s life 50 years later.  A touching, but at times graphic novel about the horrific times of Nazi Germany.

 Still Summer

By: Jacquelyn Mitchard

I have read multiple of Mitchard’s books, and Still Summer did not disappoint.  Three high school friends, and one of their teenage daughters set sail for a private vacation aboard a beautiful sailboat.  What was supposed to be an idyllic escape deadly when storms, modern pirates, and lack of amenities puts the woman in a perilous situation.

Your Roots Are Showing

By: Elise Chidley

This book had me laughing, smiling, and brought tears to my eyes.  Chidley paints a story of a new mom who, in her struggle with postpartum depression, ends up separated from her husband with two small children. The situations that Lizzie finds herself in range from heartbreaking to laugh-out-loud hilarious.

Lost and Found

By: Carolyn Parkhurst

This book followed the stories of game show contestants as they travel around the world.  Secrets, stories, and life events are shared between these strangers.  Love crumbles, develops, and is lost within the pages of this novel.

The Gatecrasher

By: Madeleine Wickham

Wickham (who also writes the Shopaholic series) did not disappoint in this hilarious novel. This British novel is about a ‘professional gold-digger’ who sacrifices love for her quest for money.  A light and funny read kept me wanting to read more!

Diary of a Mad Mom-To-Be

By: Laura Wolf

Another light and funny read about a woman’s 9 month struggle through pregnancy.  I was laughing hysterically at Amy’s new-found notions of pregnancy, her list-making skills, and simply the dialogue between her and others.

 The Sleeping Beauty Proposal

By: Sarah Strohmeyer

I was thoroughly disappointed in this novel.  For some reason unbeknownst to me, I had high expectations for this author and was let down by the story line, characters, and development.  A woman falsely announces an engagement to her previous boyfriend and goes about planning a lavish wedding, using her parents, siblings, and friends as a crutch.  Some might have found it humorous, and maybe it is the ‘newlywed’ in me, but I did not!

(image from


By: Sarah Schofield

This free Kindle book proved to be exactly what it was.  The young adult novel about a teenager uprooted during high school failed to have any character development and simply was a wishy-washy teenage drama filled with love, high self-expectations, and of course success in the end.


So…hahah I have been busy (but remember we went on vacation too!).  Now for my list of books to read for next time…..

1) The Red Scarf by: Kate Furnivall

2) Thirteen Reasons Why by: Jay Asher

3) Fast Women by: Jennifer Crusie

4) Pretty Tough by: Liz Ligelaar

5) The Most Wanted by: Jacquelyn Mitchard

6) For Better, For Worse by: Carole Matthews

And just for the record….it took me the entire episode of the Bachelorette to write this post, so that 2 hours of drama, crying, and men acting like catty women was not entirely wasted!

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave me suggestions with books that you recommend, authors you love, or any other suggestions!

A Fun Evening

Bob came home for work with a great evening plan.  We called our friend Bethany, and met at our favorite place for ice cream!

Bethany and Bob

We went to a nearby lake to watch the kite boarders do their ‘thing’ since the wind was perfect.  We watched in awe as we saw the boarders ride the waves, jump, flip, and twist.  It was awesome!  Bob has kite boarded before and has wanted me to learn for quite some time….and definitely something I could see us doing together in the future!

Bethany, Jenna, and Bob watching

What a cutie 🙂

The boarders would come right up to the beach where we were watching and it was so fun!  Makes me soo excited for the summer and spending time out on the lake!

Badminton Fun

Bob and I had our friends Robbie and Kelsey over for dinner and some fun earlier this week.  We LOVE spending time with them, but Kelsey and I have virtually opposite schedules which makes it really hard to find time to get together!

When Bob and I were dating, we went on our first double date with this (then) soon-to-be-married couple.  It has been so fun to be a part of their wedding two years ago and have them be in ours as well!

Summer 2010

We had a wonderful time visiting, and then Rob and Bob went outside to set up our badminton net that we had been itching to use!

This is Bob’s ‘quit taking pictures’ face….I see it a lot 🙂

We let them do their ‘thing’ and a few improvises later we had a net!

We had a blast playing badminton but most of all enjoyed their company!

Trip to MOA

Growing up, a trip to the Mall of America was always a HUGE deal…and now more often than not, my friends and I use it as a local meeting place where we usually spend a few hours walking around and rarely spend time going into the stores.

Emily was baby-sitting the ‘Twinkies’ as I like to call them, and they had a blast going on the kiddie rides….

Big Ben and Emily

Sweet Bri and Stacy

The trucks were a HUGE hit for these 2 1/2 year olds!

Same ride…different expressions 🙂 Poor guy made it through but did NOT want to go again!

Brianna and Emily

Stacy and Benjamin

Our friend Kelsey met us there too…so we had a great time watching the kids enjoy the rides and simply catching up!

Twins Game

As much of a football fan as I am…baseball just doesn’t have the same pull for me. I still enjoy going to games and look forward to seeing the Twins play.  While my parents were visiting, we had gotten tickets for us to see the Twins play.  My Dad is a huge sports fan, and had yet to visit Target Field so we were excited to take him!

After church, we made our way downtown and walked around the stadium so my parents could take it all in….

I decided it was so nice to have another person to take pictures, because rarely do Bob and I end up with pictures of the two of us!

My parents were pretty excited (and yes, those binoculars go to every sporting event)

My Dad LOVES to look at old sporting relics, statues, you name it and he was so excited to go around and tell me about all of the players.  Kent Hrbek and and I shared the same number 14!

My Dad with the statue of Tony Oliva

My parents with the REAL Tony Oliva!  My Dad was SO excited and even told Mr. Oliva that he deserved a spot in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

A very common sight with my Dad 🙂

My Mom always keeps score….

We played the Toronto Bluejays and ended up winning!  This was a BIG deal because to put it nicely, the Twins do not have the best record this season!  We saw Brian Dozier get his first Major League home run which was also really exciting.

And of course a trip to Target Field isn’t complete without visiting the famous Golden Glove….

We had a great time and the weather was beautiful (but the wind did get a little chilly because we were up so high!)

5K Run

I am by no means a ‘runner’ and as Bob puts it, I ‘jog’ and not very fast either…but I run to keep in shape and usually enjoy it (as soon as I get out of the door…that is definitely the hardest part!).  I like to have a 5k race that I ‘train’ for as it helps to give me a little motivation to keep running!

So I roped my friend Liz, my mom, and my cousin Jake (not pictured as he ran the 10 mile which started before the 5K) into running with me.  The hardest part for me that morning was getting out of bed at 7AM.  I NEVER get up that early, and to have to get up to run a race makes it even worse!

Leading the pack (#3630) was Jake in the 10 mile

Liz and I on our way!

Some very attractive pictures of us…but we all finished and were all happy with our times which makes it even better!

Still smiling…..

I won’t tell you our times from the 5K, but Jake ended up winning the 10 mile and came in at 54:01 (yes that means he ran 5:40 miles!)  We were so proud of him and were cheering hard on his way in!

Our biggest cheerleaders did awesome taking pictures and keeping us running! (and they didn’t complain about having to get up early to cheer us on either!)

My dad wanted to get in on the ‘runners’ photo

Jake won a medal (for winning his age group) and a duffel bag (for being the overall winner)…maybe someday I will win something….

….win something besides a door prize that is! (I ended up getting 5th in my age group and my mom got 4th in hers which means we were somewhat close to medaling 🙂 )

‘A rose between two thorns’

(the caption according to my dad)

We had a great time and I look forward to running my next 5K (or maybe I’ll push myself a little further and run a 5 mile!)