A Fun Weekend!

I absolutely LOVE my weekends off and this past weekend we had things planned every day (as usual!).  The weekend started off for me on Friday with a girls day with Emily.  Near her house, there is a HUGE community-wide garage sale that we have gone to for the past 4 years and I knew I couldn’t miss out this year!

Bob was not to happy to get a call at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning, but when I told him I was at a sale that had $1 DVDs he perked up a little.  He was so excited when I came home with these (and I also got some for my Dad!)

One of the other things I found was a bread maker.  Bob used to have one that was nearly identical to the one I found, but it stopped working and last night at 11:30pm he started a batch and sure enough around 2am we had some fresh-baked warm bread!  (I had already taken a nice long ‘nap’ prior to it being finished!)

Then we had to pick up the kiddos Emily nannies for and take the oldest, Jenna, to swim class.  Jenna and I have a tight bond over swimming after we went to the community pool a few months ago.  Jenna was scared with a capital ‘S’ and I spent the afternoon with her helping her to become more comfortable in the water.  The girl is now a ROCKSTAR and isn’t scared at all! I, of course, had my camera and enjoyed shooting some pics….

Serious business

She did so awesome 🙂

At the end of the lesson the kids got to go on a ‘magic carpet’ and get whipped around….they were all smiles!

Emily kept Jenna’s Double Trouble Twin Siblings in check….

Sweet Miss Bri was all smiles for me

And Ben did not want anything to do with the camera

Saturday, Bob and I attended our second wedding of the year to celebrate the marriage of our friends Darcy and Greg!

We ended up getting stuck in traffic and barely snuck into the ceremony before the processional so we were at the back…hence the not-so-good photos!

Our friend Jen was a bridesmaid and I loved her cute dress!

This cute couple, James and Chantal, is getting married in August and we are excited for their wedding!

Nate and Noelle are expecting a baby boy in July! So exciting!

Missy and her husband, Chantall & James, Bethany, Jen, Greg & Darcy, Nate & Noelle, Bob & Kelly

This group of friends got together as a Bible study that lasted for almost 2 years until its members started getting married!

Bob & I (I was so excited to wear this dress because I found it at a consignment shop and paid $5 for it and it is J. Crew!)

First Dance

I am a little more reserved than my counterpart who had fun dancing to ‘Thriller’ (and yes he does know almost the whole dance)

Dollar Dance

We love any opportunity we get to spend times with friends and it is weekends like this that we feel so blessed to have such wonderful friendships!


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