Since we got home Bob and I have been super busy which has been so much fun!  We started off the week by having my cousin Jake and Aleta over for dinner.  Jake’s birthday was right before we left for Arizona so we wanted to have them over to celebrate!

We had a great time and played a new (to us) game called Farkle and we are all addicted now!

I honestly don’t remember who won (it definitely was NOT me) but I think Aleta won the first game.  We always have such a good time with them and look forward to next time!

I had a few things to take care of in my old town and Emily volunteered to come along on the drive.  Of course, I had to stop at my favorite thrift stores, but left nearly empty handed. I had been anticipating shopping and was so excited so I was slightly disappointed.  We then met up with my friend Amanda and enjoyed lunch together!

We were right across from where I used to live…and I was hardly nostalgic as I remembered that apartment!  I hated living by myself but there is still something about seeing where you used to live!

We then went to our Alma Mater where we took some pictures and met up with my favorite nursing professor Heidi!

She showed us the new academic building

and then took us to see iStan the patient simulator that the Nursing Dept now has

He was SO neat! I got to hear his Afib, watch his tongue swell thus causing his O2 sat drop, see his cap refill, and take his blood pressure!  I think it is such a great learning tool for the students and definitely wish we had had him!

The gorgeous Arb

Emily and Me

Old Main

And of course we had to take the ‘traditional’ picture by the sign 🙂

LOVE this school!

It was so great to be back on campus for a few hours and enjoy reliving so many wonderful memories!

Emily, Kelly, Brittany, and Lydia

Then Emily and I drove back to the TC where we met our other 2 ‘old’ roommates from school!  We ate at this neat restaurant that had amazing appetizers!  I LOVED their avocado eggrolls…delicious!

 A girls night out is not complete without a little shopping and we headed over to the mall.  Earlier in the day I had bought a pair of Sperry’s after I had had my eye on them for awhile and Emily had a pair on!  They are SO comfortable and seriously the cutest summer shoes.  Lydia and Brittany both thought they were cute too and they each ended up buying a pair!  Good thing we all don’t get together very often (even though I wish it was much more) because now we all have the same pair!

So with 4 matching pairs of shoes, what else could I think of than a photoshoot!

I miss these girls soo much!


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