Arizona Part I

Well…we are finally back from our long-awaited trip (well we really only had it planned out for about a month in advance) and as much as I enjoyed sleeping in our big bed I am SO sad to leave the warm weather and gorgeous landscapes of the southwest.

We knew with the amount of days we had off (8 total) we had to make the trip straight through both ways and I will be the first to admit driving through the night is NO fun at all!  Bob picked me up from work at 7:30 and I slept for the first 7ish hours after having the world’s best cinnamon roll

I’m not kidding…best EVER…I went to sleep a happy girl

We did stop at a few ‘choice’ resting points including the World’s Largest Hand Dug Well in Greensburg, KS and Dorothy’s House in Liberal, KS (Kansas was a LONG state)

So needless to stay, after having slept all day I was delegated the night shift of driving…across New Mexico in the pitch black abyss.  It was horrible…all I had for company was K-Love the Christian station, and a package of gummi bears.

Route 66

But my amazing husband took over just as we were about to cross into Arizona and I was so relieved!  I guess he tried to wake me up a few times with ‘Look at the sunset!’ and ‘Look! Snow-capped mountains!’ but to no avail.  We had decided to stop (I mean make our roadtrip even longer) at the Grand Canyon and we pulled in about 8:30 on Friday morning!

It was FREEZING at the Grand Canyon…like I’m talking 45 degrees and flurrying but that didn’t stop our MN selves!  We went for an awesome hike down (not quite all the way) into the canyon.  Even though I’ve been running nearly every day and the fact that Bob has horrible asthma, Bob was still a much better hiker than me.  Figure that one out….

This is where we hiked….that long stretch to the tip of the plateau

Check out those switchbacks to start the trail!

Bob knew when it was time to stop and take a break because I would slow down and take pictures…but he was such a good sport while I enjoyed my new camera!

The view was absolutely stunning…although I wish the clouds had cleared for a t least a little bit so I could have gotten some amazing pictures!

Yikes! There was a HUGE drop off on both sides of this trail!

We made it!

The hike back up wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated and our down and up times were nearly the same!

My day was made when we found this machine in one of the gift shops (after asking someone who led us here)  I have collected squished pennies since our first family vacation to Florida back in 1994 and now 18 years later I still get excited over these little things!

On our way down to Phoenix we decided to drive through Sedona taking one of the scenic routes.  Again I wish the sky would have been a gorgeous blue…but still it was gorgeous!

My favorite place in Sedona was this awesome church built into the rock called Chapel of the Holy Cross

Finally we made it to the house (Bob’s parents vacation home) and we were welcomed by this little guy!

Bob thought he was dead until he went to throw it away and it was alive! The tail popped up and he raised his pincers! Bob screamed which of course made me scream and run away…man I wish I had gotten that on video!!

We were so thankful to sleep in a nice bed that night…it had been over 48 hours since I had slept in a bed!


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