Best Present Ever!

The night before we left for Arizona (8 days ago…hence my long absence!) Bob came home from work and encouraged me to go for my run quickly because he had a surprise for me.  I am NOT fond of surprises during the waiting phase, and my 25 minute run was filled with various ideas floating through my head of what he could have come up with.

I had settled on the fact that he was taking me out to dinner and we were going to meet some of our friends there…meanwhile Bob continued to refuse to give me ANY idea of what was in store for me.

This is where we ended up!  I was completely blindsided….I have wanted a DSLR camera for ages and have asked Bob on multiple occasions when I would be able to get one.  He had decided that it would be best if I waited a few years so that I could have the best camera available for when we decided to start a family.

I sullenly agreed to this knowing it was probably the best idea, but was beyond thrilled when we walked into the store and Bob said I could pick out anything I wanted! I was like a little kid in a candy shop!  I had had my eye set on this beauty….

and ended up taking it home an hour later!

I am NOT a spontaneous person, and having to pick out a camera without going in fully prepared was rather stressful for me, but Bob laughed when I said this and stated this was the only way he was going to take me shopping for things because it makes it so much easier for him! No hemming or hawing about what exactly I want, just going with the research and knowledge I have.  YIKES! So different that what I am used to! I love my husband!

But needless to say, I was beaming from ear to ear as we walked out of the store….and couldn’t wait to leave on our trip when I got off work in the morning!  The awesome thing about National Camera is that they include a series of 4 classes on using DSLR cameras with your purchase so I am looking forward to those so much!

I am absolutely in love with this camera and I will leave you with a glimpse of what we saw and did in Arizona!


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