We had a busy weekend at my parents house, and put many hours of hard work in.  Bob amazed me again when we finally took a step back and inspected our job….he did great again!

We did get a little help Saturday night, John came over to help out and pretty much got things finished!

So this is where we were when John came over…

Less than an hour later we had moved to the complete opposite side of the room!  John would measure, I would help him lay boards as Bob cut them!  It was a great process and SO nice to have an extra set of hands!

Bob hard at work

Sunday night at 11pm we finished putting all of the trim and everything back on…what a project!  But we were so pleased with the results and my mom was really happy too!  We had a fun time…but Bob has already limited my mom to 3 small projects next time we come and visit!


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