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A Fun Weekend!

I absolutely LOVE my weekends off and this past weekend we had things planned every day (as usual!).  The weekend started off for me on Friday with a girls day with Emily.  Near her house, there is a HUGE community-wide garage sale that we have gone to for the past 4 years and I knew I couldn’t miss out this year!

Bob was not to happy to get a call at 9 o’clock on Saturday morning, but when I told him I was at a sale that had $1 DVDs he perked up a little.  He was so excited when I came home with these (and I also got some for my Dad!)

One of the other things I found was a bread maker.  Bob used to have one that was nearly identical to the one I found, but it stopped working and last night at 11:30pm he started a batch and sure enough around 2am we had some fresh-baked warm bread!  (I had already taken a nice long ‘nap’ prior to it being finished!)

Then we had to pick up the kiddos Emily nannies for and take the oldest, Jenna, to swim class.  Jenna and I have a tight bond over swimming after we went to the community pool a few months ago.  Jenna was scared with a capital ‘S’ and I spent the afternoon with her helping her to become more comfortable in the water.  The girl is now a ROCKSTAR and isn’t scared at all! I, of course, had my camera and enjoyed shooting some pics….

Serious business

She did so awesome 🙂

At the end of the lesson the kids got to go on a ‘magic carpet’ and get whipped around….they were all smiles!

Emily kept Jenna’s Double Trouble Twin Siblings in check….

Sweet Miss Bri was all smiles for me

And Ben did not want anything to do with the camera

Saturday, Bob and I attended our second wedding of the year to celebrate the marriage of our friends Darcy and Greg!

We ended up getting stuck in traffic and barely snuck into the ceremony before the processional so we were at the back…hence the not-so-good photos!

Our friend Jen was a bridesmaid and I loved her cute dress!

This cute couple, James and Chantal, is getting married in August and we are excited for their wedding!

Nate and Noelle are expecting a baby boy in July! So exciting!

Missy and her husband, Chantall & James, Bethany, Jen, Greg & Darcy, Nate & Noelle, Bob & Kelly

This group of friends got together as a Bible study that lasted for almost 2 years until its members started getting married!

Bob & I (I was so excited to wear this dress because I found it at a consignment shop and paid $5 for it and it is J. Crew!)

First Dance

I am a little more reserved than my counterpart who had fun dancing to ‘Thriller’ (and yes he does know almost the whole dance)

Dollar Dance

We love any opportunity we get to spend times with friends and it is weekends like this that we feel so blessed to have such wonderful friendships!



Since we got home Bob and I have been super busy which has been so much fun!  We started off the week by having my cousin Jake and Aleta over for dinner.  Jake’s birthday was right before we left for Arizona so we wanted to have them over to celebrate!

We had a great time and played a new (to us) game called Farkle and we are all addicted now!

I honestly don’t remember who won (it definitely was NOT me) but I think Aleta won the first game.  We always have such a good time with them and look forward to next time!

I had a few things to take care of in my old town and Emily volunteered to come along on the drive.  Of course, I had to stop at my favorite thrift stores, but left nearly empty handed. I had been anticipating shopping and was so excited so I was slightly disappointed.  We then met up with my friend Amanda and enjoyed lunch together!

We were right across from where I used to live…and I was hardly nostalgic as I remembered that apartment!  I hated living by myself but there is still something about seeing where you used to live!

We then went to our Alma Mater where we took some pictures and met up with my favorite nursing professor Heidi!

She showed us the new academic building

and then took us to see iStan the patient simulator that the Nursing Dept now has

He was SO neat! I got to hear his Afib, watch his tongue swell thus causing his O2 sat drop, see his cap refill, and take his blood pressure!  I think it is such a great learning tool for the students and definitely wish we had had him!

The gorgeous Arb

Emily and Me

Old Main

And of course we had to take the ‘traditional’ picture by the sign 🙂

LOVE this school!

It was so great to be back on campus for a few hours and enjoy reliving so many wonderful memories!

Emily, Kelly, Brittany, and Lydia

Then Emily and I drove back to the TC where we met our other 2 ‘old’ roommates from school!  We ate at this neat restaurant that had amazing appetizers!  I LOVED their avocado eggrolls…delicious!

 A girls night out is not complete without a little shopping and we headed over to the mall.  Earlier in the day I had bought a pair of Sperry’s after I had had my eye on them for awhile and Emily had a pair on!  They are SO comfortable and seriously the cutest summer shoes.  Lydia and Brittany both thought they were cute too and they each ended up buying a pair!  Good thing we all don’t get together very often (even though I wish it was much more) because now we all have the same pair!

So with 4 matching pairs of shoes, what else could I think of than a photoshoot!

I miss these girls soo much!

Arizona Part 3

This is my final post on our trip to Arizona and then I have a few in the works with fun things I/we have been up to! It’s been a busy few weeks!

For Bob….a vacation is not a vacation without go-karting and mini golf so we got our fill at a place called Amazing Jake’s.

He took a few trips around the track 🙂

I tried (and failed) at my childhood favorite game Skee-Ball.  The next day we had a wonderful day at the pool and playing tennis…neither of which I took any good pictures of.  We left early Wednesday morning for our trip home and stopped at the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest National Park.  I had no idea this park even existed and was pleasantly surprised!

Painted Desert

Ancient Petroglyphs…this was our favorite a man-eating bird!

‘Tepee’ Mountains

Petrified Wood….so crazy!

Some of it was SO beautiful and colorful!

Yep…that’s Bob 🙂

Another self-timer…we got really good!

Bob did have one ‘special’ moment on our trip…we stopped at Chick-Fil-A one of my FAVORITE fast food restaurants (next to Sonic and their Powerade slushes which I had at least 3 times on the trip) and we were excited because knowing that Chick-Fil-A typically uses peanut oil to fry their food in they had a little sign on their menu saying ‘We now use Canola Oil’ so we went ahead and ordered for both of us.  After Bob had taken a bite of his sandwich, he happened to read the text on the wrapper….our chicken is fried in PEANUT oil!  AHHH….so 25mg of Benadryl it was and a bowl of soup for Bob (without any fried chicken.  Come to find out the little sign actually read ‘We now use Canola oil for our waffle fries’.


I found this cute cookie cutter and couldn’t resist!  So I made a batch of sugar cookies and took them over to Bob’s parents as a little thank you for letting us stay in their Arizona home!  We had such a wonderful vacation!

I don’t think I will be opening a bakery any time soon….

Arizona Part 2

Saturday morning I ran in a 5k race that was in Chandler, AZ….now let me remind you that this was the morning AFTER we had gone hiking into the Grand Canyon.  Not the best idea at all….I was really sore and was super disappointed in my time after the amount of effort I had put in training for the race.

Bob was my biggest (and only) cheerleader but failed to take any pictures…

The rest of the day we enjoyed just relaxing outside and reading (I read enough books to have another book review post…coming soon!)

We were so thankful to be able to meet up with Bob’s friend Chudy from Grad School.  This was my first time meeting Chudy and we had a great time!  We were able to get together with him one other time on our trip which was really fun!

Bob and Chudy

We went on an awesome hike in the San Tan Mountain Regional Park….the weather was perfect and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous!  I couldn’t get enough of the cacti (that’s the plural of cactus right?) and took probably 100 pictures!

Saguaro Cactus…I was fascinated with these cacti after finding out that it takes about 75 years for them to grow a ‘side’ arm and only grow about an inch each year

Their flowers bloom at night and close the following day so we were lucky to see a few!

My awesome husband taking a break while I shot a few pictures… 🙂

Barrel Cactus

Some of the Saguaro’s were HUGE!

I don’t remember the names of any of the other cacti…but a few of them also had flowers which were gorgeous!

Our hike took about 3 1/2 hours and we were able to catch a part of the sunset before the park closed

The next day we drove to the Superstition Mountains and hiked at Canyon Lake.

Some of the paddle cacti there were so pretty!

Canyon Lake

Love the self-timer mode!

I couldn’t get over the colors of the flowers!!

We shared an ice cream cone after our hike…and boy it was hard to share!

We drove to this little town called Tortilla Flats which supposedly has a population of 6!

Canyon Lake

On our way back we stopped at this little ghost town Goldfield where the town existed from 1893-1898 while a goldmine was being mined.  We enjoyed a little mine tour ‘underground’ and enjoyed walking through the deserted town.

Our tour guide was hilarious!

Bob found a squished penny machine in one of their gift shops and I was thrilled!  I apologize for the picture overload…but with my new camera and all what else can you expect!

Arizona Part I

Well…we are finally back from our long-awaited trip (well we really only had it planned out for about a month in advance) and as much as I enjoyed sleeping in our big bed I am SO sad to leave the warm weather and gorgeous landscapes of the southwest.

We knew with the amount of days we had off (8 total) we had to make the trip straight through both ways and I will be the first to admit driving through the night is NO fun at all!  Bob picked me up from work at 7:30 and I slept for the first 7ish hours after having the world’s best cinnamon roll

I’m not kidding…best EVER…I went to sleep a happy girl

We did stop at a few ‘choice’ resting points including the World’s Largest Hand Dug Well in Greensburg, KS and Dorothy’s House in Liberal, KS (Kansas was a LONG state)

So needless to stay, after having slept all day I was delegated the night shift of driving…across New Mexico in the pitch black abyss.  It was horrible…all I had for company was K-Love the Christian station, and a package of gummi bears.

Route 66

But my amazing husband took over just as we were about to cross into Arizona and I was so relieved!  I guess he tried to wake me up a few times with ‘Look at the sunset!’ and ‘Look! Snow-capped mountains!’ but to no avail.  We had decided to stop (I mean make our roadtrip even longer) at the Grand Canyon and we pulled in about 8:30 on Friday morning!

It was FREEZING at the Grand Canyon…like I’m talking 45 degrees and flurrying but that didn’t stop our MN selves!  We went for an awesome hike down (not quite all the way) into the canyon.  Even though I’ve been running nearly every day and the fact that Bob has horrible asthma, Bob was still a much better hiker than me.  Figure that one out….

This is where we hiked….that long stretch to the tip of the plateau

Check out those switchbacks to start the trail!

Bob knew when it was time to stop and take a break because I would slow down and take pictures…but he was such a good sport while I enjoyed my new camera!

The view was absolutely stunning…although I wish the clouds had cleared for a t least a little bit so I could have gotten some amazing pictures!

Yikes! There was a HUGE drop off on both sides of this trail!

We made it!

The hike back up wasn’t nearly as bad as I had anticipated and our down and up times were nearly the same!

My day was made when we found this machine in one of the gift shops (after asking someone who led us here)  I have collected squished pennies since our first family vacation to Florida back in 1994 and now 18 years later I still get excited over these little things!

On our way down to Phoenix we decided to drive through Sedona taking one of the scenic routes.  Again I wish the sky would have been a gorgeous blue…but still it was gorgeous!

My favorite place in Sedona was this awesome church built into the rock called Chapel of the Holy Cross

Finally we made it to the house (Bob’s parents vacation home) and we were welcomed by this little guy!

Bob thought he was dead until he went to throw it away and it was alive! The tail popped up and he raised his pincers! Bob screamed which of course made me scream and run away…man I wish I had gotten that on video!!

We were so thankful to sleep in a nice bed that night…it had been over 48 hours since I had slept in a bed!

Best Present Ever!

The night before we left for Arizona (8 days ago…hence my long absence!) Bob came home from work and encouraged me to go for my run quickly because he had a surprise for me.  I am NOT fond of surprises during the waiting phase, and my 25 minute run was filled with various ideas floating through my head of what he could have come up with.

I had settled on the fact that he was taking me out to dinner and we were going to meet some of our friends there…meanwhile Bob continued to refuse to give me ANY idea of what was in store for me.

This is where we ended up!  I was completely blindsided….I have wanted a DSLR camera for ages and have asked Bob on multiple occasions when I would be able to get one.  He had decided that it would be best if I waited a few years so that I could have the best camera available for when we decided to start a family.

I sullenly agreed to this knowing it was probably the best idea, but was beyond thrilled when we walked into the store and Bob said I could pick out anything I wanted! I was like a little kid in a candy shop!  I had had my eye set on this beauty….

and ended up taking it home an hour later!

I am NOT a spontaneous person, and having to pick out a camera without going in fully prepared was rather stressful for me, but Bob laughed when I said this and stated this was the only way he was going to take me shopping for things because it makes it so much easier for him! No hemming or hawing about what exactly I want, just going with the research and knowledge I have.  YIKES! So different that what I am used to! I love my husband!

But needless to say, I was beaming from ear to ear as we walked out of the store….and couldn’t wait to leave on our trip when I got off work in the morning!  The awesome thing about National Camera is that they include a series of 4 classes on using DSLR cameras with your purchase so I am looking forward to those so much!

I am absolutely in love with this camera and I will leave you with a glimpse of what we saw and did in Arizona!

He Is Risen!

Bob and I were so happy to be able to spend Easter with his extended family.  Bob’s parents had their annual Easter Extravaganza including a wonderful meal, Easter egg hunt for the kiddos, and of course a baseball game of kids vs. adults.  We had a great time chatting, watching the kids nearly go crazy not being able to start the egg hunt until after dinner, and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Scoping out the eggs that they could see from the porch.  As soon as they heard ‘Go!’ the kids (Bob’s cousins kids) were off running…it was soo cute!


The kids literally ran in 4 different directions and it was so fun to see their faces light up!

A little friendly sibling rivalry between Caleb and Madeline 🙂

Nolan’s bag was practically as big as he was!

Sue, Lisa, Jared, and Vicki watching the action

Some of the eggs were hidden a little too high for little Wyatt so he needed a bit of help

Madeline playing with the awesome bubbles from Vicki and Jerry

Jason helping Wyatt with the bubbles

Too precious!

The baseball game started off with the kids just having fun hitting the ball and running the bases…but then the guys decided it needed to be a competition!  They teamed up and took on the kids but I am happy to say the kids came out on top 11-9!

Bob and I

He is Risen Indeed!

‘For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life’    John 3:16


We had a busy weekend at my parents house, and put many hours of hard work in.  Bob amazed me again when we finally took a step back and inspected our job….he did great again!

We did get a little help Saturday night, John came over to help out and pretty much got things finished!

So this is where we were when John came over…

Less than an hour later we had moved to the complete opposite side of the room!  John would measure, I would help him lay boards as Bob cut them!  It was a great process and SO nice to have an extra set of hands!

Bob hard at work

Sunday night at 11pm we finished putting all of the trim and everything back on…what a project!  But we were so pleased with the results and my mom was really happy too!  We had a fun time…but Bob has already limited my mom to 3 small projects next time we come and visit!

Skate Show

Bob and I couldn’t go a weekend in Wisconsin without spending time with the J family and it just so happened that the girls had their skate show!  We were thrilled to be able to watch them and we were SO proud of both of them!  They did awesome!


Annalisa (just to the right of the teacher)

Bob, Aedan, and Noah being number 1 fans!  I think the best part of the show for them was getting snacks at intermission!



A & C

Seven Smiles!

Bob and me with the stars

We are so thankful to have such wonderful friends and always look forward to our time with their family.  After the show, we spent a few hours just having fun jumping on the trampoline, chasing the kids, and catching up!  It was definitely a much needed break from all of the hard work at my parents house!