Hard At Work

Bob and I traveled to Wisconsin this weekend for what we knew was going to be a busy few days.  My mom was wanting to put wood flooring down in the den amongst various  other tasks.  We arrived to their house with a to-do list a mile long!

First we installed some recessed lighting into the kitchen.  Bob did most of the work…my jobs include taking pictures and handing him things as he needs them (which I will admit after replacing many light fixtures together I am pretty good at having things ready BEFORE he actually asks for them)

My dad fulfilled his role in the remodel…watching a movie

Thankfully the room is pretty small (about 100 square feet) and we got the foam layer placed and as I type this, Bob and my mom just left for Menards for their 4th run to get supplies!  I like to think that Bob and I make a great tag-team although I did get a bit frustrated this morning when I was struggling to get the wood trim off and Bob came and made it look easy.

One thing I am terrible at is reading instructions…I am a very ‘figure it out by myself’ kind of person and hate sitting down to look at the instructions which is exactly how my Grandpa is.  Bob, on the other hand sits down and figures out all the things we need BEFORE we start which is probably for the best!

And Dad has now moved onto cheering Kentucky on in the first game of the Final Four…



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