Opening Day

 Our favorite ice cream shop opened up for the season yesterday and Bob and I were SO excited!  It is a tiny walk-up shop right in the middle of the downtown area and we frequent it quite regularly in the summer!

Typically, I try to justify getting ice cream by rollerblading there to offset a few of the calories and since it was so beautiful outside yesterday (70 degrees!) we decided to walk.  I might have been a little too enthusiastic about the weather and didn’t bring a sweatshirt or a jacket and as soon as the sun went down I was FREEZING!

We rounded the corner to the ice cream shop and this is what we saw!

The line literally wrapped around the block!

But we happily got in line and all I could think about for the next 45 minutes was this….

A chocolate-peanut butter dipped vanilla cone….absolute heaven!

Meanwhile Bob had built up an appetite while waiting in line and he enjoyed his 2 hotdogs and strawberry dipped cone 🙂

Simultaneously of course!

We are so excited for the wonderful spring weather and are looking forward to many more ice cream trips!


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