Attempting to be Crafty

I am probably one of the LEAST crafty people that you will ever meet in your life.  My Type A personality has much to do with this as I am a very ‘straight and narrow’ thinker and creativity is NOT one of my strongest attributes.  But…once in awhile I like to dabble in the art of ‘crafting’ and try to enjoy it in the process.

So out came my supplies….dusted them off and got right to work.  The overachiever in me stepped forward right from the beginning as I decided to tackle 3 St. Patrick’s Day, 3 Easter, 4 Birthday, and 1 Wedding card (if you lost count that is a grand total of 11 cards) but I knew I had quite some time for working on them.  Since Jake and Aleta came over last night, I reluctantly gave up watching the finale of the Bachelor.  So…the typical 2 hour finale was followed by the After the Rose Ceremony so I knew I had a solid 3 hours of uninterrupted horrible TV to accompany me on my crafting.

St. Patty’s Day…check! (I forgot to take a picture of them but if you look really closely you can see through the envelope)

Such a cute stamp!

Might be a touch crooked, but on the inside I put an adorable egg that I think makes up for the crookedness!


My creative juices were running on short supply during my birthday cards and they ended up looking quite similar to the Easter ones…oh well they were all going to different people anyways!


And then I needed a little break to get over my anger….for all of you that watch the Bachelor can we please give a collective groan over the fact that Ben picked Courtney.

Then I decided you all would like to see a step by step….after I missed the first few.  So I start by stamping the clear embossing ink onto the card using whatever stamp is appropriate for the card.  Then I pour the embossing glitter over the wet stamp and then tap said glitter off of the card…see above birthday card….and pour the excess back into the little jar.

As you can kind of see here, it looks like little grains of sand sticking to the embossing ink.  I use a little watercolor paintbrush to gently brush off excess glitter that sticks to the paper. Then comes the fun part!

Using my embossing gun, I heat up the glitter until it melts…and thus the end results!


So I didn’t quite finish while watching the Bachelor but it only took one episode of Revenge before I was finished….and my creative juices have been maxed out until next months birthday cards are ready to be written!  I keep the cards in our junk drawer in the kitchen, have them all addressed and stamped (and usually written), and put a sticky note on when each one should be mailed…so it might appear it is a foolproof process but alas I have sent a few late cards!


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