Bob and I love that my cousin Jake moved to the TC and enjoy having him over for a home cooked meal every few weeks.  He and I are less than a year apart and share a great love for the Packers (although his patriotism extends far beyond anything most people would imagine).  Jake, like my father and our grandfather, can name each player on the roster, as well as any stat imaginable.  I like to quiz Jake on his football knowledge and have him list what teams played in the Superbowl in any given year and what the outcome was, and he has never let me down (although I never bother to check his answers).

Jake and I circa 1993

I have NO idea how the male lineage in my family has such a detailed memory when it comes to sports, but scores, plays, and players never seem to go unnoticed.  This ‘talent’ is not limited to football, but extends to baseball, golf, basketball…pretty much anything on ESPN.  Growing up, I knew that Wednesdays were the day Sports Illustrated was delivered and knew not to get in the way of the Ticker when I was little.  I thought it was ‘normal’ to have a Dad that traveled to Lambeau each home game, and spent Sundays yelling at the television.  Vacations always included something sports related like stopping in Canton, OH and spending the day (and I mean the ENTIRE day) at the Football Hall of Fame (and that even included my mom, sister, and I making an afternoon run to the nearest mall and leaving my dad at the Hall of Fame only to come back for him later).  So needless to say, sports have always been a big deal and I proud to say that I inherited a tiny breadth of sports knowledge from my family.

Die Hard Family (pre-Rodgers)

Anyways…Jake and his girlfriend Aleta (who he is in the process of converting to a Packer fan) came over tonight and we were so happy to be able to visit with them!  The four of us have always gotten along well, and have enjoyed playing a variety of board games while at the cabin and things tend to get a little competitive.  This time we decided on Scattergories…and after only a round things got a little tense!

There were multiple questionable responses and we might have to have a rematch next time…but Aleta came out on top whereas Jake and I tied for last place (he commented that we must be family!).

Jake and Aleta

We are so thankful to have family so close and we treasure any time we are able to spend together!


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