Family Weekend

My parents came to visit this past weekend and we had such a fun time!  When my mom heard that we were planning on painting practically the entire house, she quickly volunteered to help in the process!  Of course, my dad got dragged along…but he will tell everyone he is the best supervisor at projects like this…

….and by supervising, I mean watching Netflix upstairs 🙂

We started off by celebrating my mom’s birthday (a little early) but since we won’t see her again before her birthday we wanted to celebrate with her!

We decided to stick with the bike theme from her Christmas gift and got her a new helmet that has red LED lights that you can turn on at night at the back of the helmet!  It is recommended that you buy a new helmet after each crash that has impact on the helmet, and of course my mom did not follow this recommendation after her last crash (or the one before) so for her safety we decided to help!   We also got her Kristin Hannah’s book True Colors.  My parents just got back from a cruise and I was so proud of her when she told me she read 7 books!  She left for Florida today to visit my grandparents, so I knew she had to have a new book for the trip!

Anyways….after celebrating…we got to work!

Bob took off the trim on the windows and bought spray foam insulation in hopes of curing helping our box-elder bug infestation.  Well, Bob did a great job insulating the den and I decided to try my hand in the guest bedroom….

and I learned something, NEVER EVER let this stuff touch your bare skin….and I REPEAT never ever let foam insulation touch your skin!  I had used a paper towel to wipe excess foam off the window sill and I guess it got all over my hands.  It was super sticky, and according to the bottle you are supposed to soak in soap and water.  So, I sat with my hands in warm soapy water for almost an hour.  Well after reading online, this only makes the insulation dry faster.  Great.  Upon more Googling…I found out NOTHING works to get this off your skin!  So for the past 2 days I have had a gross layer of hard insulation on both of my hands!  As time goes on, I have been able to pick small bits off…so I guess there is hope!

So the painting part….

A few weeks ago Bob and I had painted the den Purple Rain….and after one wall was painted I decided I HATED it.  It was just sooo purple.  Bob convinced me to just wait and see how it looked after it dried so we finished painting the entire room.  I walked by it every day for 2 weeks and still didn’t like it.

Here it is after it dried…and I still don’t particularly love it.  But Bob convinced me (I think mostly so he didn’t have to paint it again) that it looked alright.  So the blinds and curtains went up and the furniture was put back in.

Now all we have to do is hem the curtains and hang things on the walls…I swear it never ends!

We also tackled the guest room, which meant my parents were forced to sleep on the pullout couch in the main floor living room.

Such a hard worker!

This room we painted a light blue and I actually am happy with the color!  It is fully painted, and now just needs the trim back on, and the curtains and blinds hung.  All of which are jobs that my wonderful husband HATES doing!

I’ll post the final pictures once everything is done….but I will leave you with a special photo of something never before seen!

Yes, that is my dad with a screwdriver!


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