Princess Diana

My parents came to visit this past weekend and I had seen the advertising for the Diana exhibit that is being featured at the Mall of America.  Knowing how big of a Diana fan my mom is, I knew we had to go!

We were both so excited to see what the exhibit had, but I went in knowing a part of me would be disappointed because I had read photography and video was strictly prohibited….

We ended up buying VIP tickets (for only $2/ticket more) so we were able to cut to the front of the hour long line.  Definitely worth it!  The exhibit starts out with a room dedicated to one of Princess Diana’s tiaras…it is absolutely breathtaking and sets the tone for the rest of the exhibit.  Following that room is one about her familial heritage.  I did not realize that she came from such royal and distinguished bloodlines!  In that room, there was family jewels which were absolutely gorgeous!

The next room held relics from the Princess’s childhood…toys, school report cards, and the like.  There was a video reel that kept playing with home videos from her childhood.  Following that, was a hallway of her relationship and engagement to the Prince of Wales.  I also did not realize that she was only 19 when she got engaged to the 32 year old Prince!  It was so neat to see the ring that Kate now wears in the engagement pictures.

THEN….it was the wedding room.  I couldn’t believe how similar the pictures were from the Royal wedding last April.  The fanfare, ceremony, everything was SO similar!  Her dress and 25 foot train were encased in glass and the centerpiece of the room.  The details were phenomenal (even if the dress is outdated now!)

After the wedding, a small room with a video reel of footage from her funeral and her brother’s eulogy was held.  In front of the video were dried rose petals from the thousands of bouquets that were left in her honor.

The following room held 28 of the Princess’s designer dresses from the time she was engaged to the Prince and included the final dress she wore in her last public appearance.  It was so neat to see how her style changed and developed as she matured.  Her fashion influence was so strong, just as Kate’s is now!

Lastly, a room dedicated to the Princess’s charity works was highlighted.  She did so much for the charities that she felt strongly about and her legacy will live on.  I remember so vividly when I heard of Princess Diana’s death, and when I traveled to Paris I took the metro specifically to see the tunnel that she was killed in.

Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris France (taken January 2010)

Her name was written by mourners on the cement, and standing there I was struck by the tragedy that had occurred to end the beloved Princess’s short life of 36 years.

Mom and me

At the end of the exhibit in the shop, they had on display a replica of Princess Diana and Prince Charles’s wedding cake (the only thing allowed to photograph!) So of course, I snapped a few pictures!

Wedding Cake

Then Mom and I went to one of my favorite places to relive my childhood…the American Girl Store!  I would have been in Heaven as a little girl in this store, and still love wandering through to see all of the outfits and check out the new dolls!  They have changed so many of the girls and their outfits over the years but it is so fun to point out what Carrie and I had! (and now is boxed up in storage waiting for more little girls to play with!)

I took this picture for my sister Carrie…her favorite doll was Molly and she had nearly her whole collection!  We were surprised to see that they had changed her swimsuit and birthday outfits!

We had such a great time, and Bob and my Dad had fun doing their own kind of shopping…at Sports Authority, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and visiting a few thrift stores!


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