Down for the count

Howdy All!  I (Bob) figured that I would make an appearance as a guest blogger since I finally had something worth sharing.

As the husband of my wonderful wife, I have come to lovingly expect certain things from Kelly. I can always count on:

-Kelly to make me a wonderful breakfast in the morning (on the off chance she is up before me)

-That I will have a great lunch packed to take with me to work on days that Kelly works overnight

– The house will always look amazing before I even have a chance to help out (even if I really want to help!)

There are so many other awesome things about her that she does without fail, but the one thing that I have come to terms with is her 100% reliability to fall asleep during any movie that we watch if it is started after 6pm at night and sometimes even before that.

That gene must run in her family because not even halfway into last night’s movie I found myself watching the movie all alone:

My fellow movie “watchers” for last evening

My lovely bride was down after only 13 minutes last night (I don’t even think the opening credits were finished) while Cathy and Kress took turns fighting the head nod until eventually it was all over.

In Kress’s defense, he drove all the way from central Wisc. to come see us.

For those who were wondering, the movie was The Tourist a great action/suspense/romantic film with Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp which I definitely recommend.


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