Bob had bought a Groupon to Rollerblade Rollerdome and we decided Wednesday night to try it out!  Basically, they clear out the concourses around the stadium and it ends up being the perfect track to rollerblade on! (and it’s so nice to be able to rollerblade when there is snow on the ground!)

Bob showing his excitement for the Vikings….although they won’t be playing at the Metrodome much longer thanks to the newest proposed deal.   Remember this from last December after the TC got over 20 inches of snow??

Photo courtesy of FOX

A little more than a year later and you would never know what had happened!  I was excited that the Twins (I am assuming) were practicing down on the field and we got to watch them as we whizzed by the windows! It’s funny to think that a stadium that once held the Vikings, Twins, and the Gophers will now not be the home to any major team.

His and Hers Rollerblades 🙂

I spent most of the night trying to keep up with Bob.  Like most things in life, he is just better at Rollerblading than me…. We had so much fun, and skated for over 2 1/2 hours!  Thank goodness I had packed a few snacks in our bags otherwise I never would have lasted that long.

They had 2 levels open for skating, the bottom was the ‘beginners’ and the 2nd concourse was the ‘advanced’.  The last thing I wanted to do was go up a level (first off…try walking up stairs in rollerblades!) but Bob of course wanted to try his hand at speedskating!  He gave me his best pose so I could snap a picture!

So up a flight of stairs we went, and luckily there were chairs so I parked it for awhile and watched Bob make a few laps.  I couldn’t believe how fast some of the people were going!!

Back downstairs in my comfort zone, Bob thought it was really fun for me to time him and to see how long it took him to lap me.  I would start my watch and then wait for him to whiz by me again.  It only took him an average of 6 minutes (in those 6 minutes I would do about 3 laps and he would do 4!). And for all of you wondering…. 2 1/2 laps = 1 mile

Bob’s view as he came up to lap me.

We had a blast and left around 8 so I could quick take a nap before work.  My legs were so tired after those 2 1/2 hours and was so happy to fall into bed after my shift!  The Rollerdome is definitely something we will do again (as long as they don’t completely tear down the Metrodome before next winter!)


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