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Hard At Work

Bob and I traveled to Wisconsin this weekend for what we knew was going to be a busy few days.  My mom was wanting to put wood flooring down in the den amongst various  other tasks.  We arrived to their house with a to-do list a mile long!

First we installed some recessed lighting into the kitchen.  Bob did most of the work…my jobs include taking pictures and handing him things as he needs them (which I will admit after replacing many light fixtures together I am pretty good at having things ready BEFORE he actually asks for them)

My dad fulfilled his role in the remodel…watching a movie

Thankfully the room is pretty small (about 100 square feet) and we got the foam layer placed and as I type this, Bob and my mom just left for Menards for their 4th run to get supplies!  I like to think that Bob and I make a great tag-team although I did get a bit frustrated this morning when I was struggling to get the wood trim off and Bob came and made it look easy.

One thing I am terrible at is reading instructions…I am a very ‘figure it out by myself’ kind of person and hate sitting down to look at the instructions which is exactly how my Grandpa is.  Bob, on the other hand sits down and figures out all the things we need BEFORE we start which is probably for the best!

And Dad has now moved onto cheering Kentucky on in the first game of the Final Four…



As seen in our front yard…

I pulled into our driveway this morning after getting off of work and was welcomed by these two turkeys!

They kept doing their own thing while I snapped photos!

I love that we live far enough from the TC to have wildlife but close enough to enjoy all of the great events, stores, and excitement!

We are so blessed to live in a great area!

Maybe I should play the lottery….

To put it nicely….I have never been a lucky person.  I never was the kid drawn in the classroom lottery for the special tasks, was the last grandkid at the Christmas party to get handed a gift from Santa, nor have I ever won any door prizes, but two weeks ago I won a giveaway on one of the blogs I read!  I was so excited and Bob just rolled his eyes.

In the mail today I received my prize from the cute shop Time and Again!

Isn’t this the cutest apron ever!  I was so impressed with the quality and would recommend their aprons to anyone!

The flower was such a cute touch too!  Of course I had to try it out and I just felt like a better cook while I made dinner…hahaha

This morning two friends from work and I went to see The Hunger Games movie.  It was absolutely great!  We had all loved the books and were so excited to see the characters come to life.  I almost cried twice, got the chills a few times, and jumped in my seat from being scared!  It is such a captivating novel and I was so impressed with how the filmmakers portrayed each and every character, event, and managed to stay true to the book!

Loving Spring!

I haven’t had much to update this week…this is my rough week at work and I really haven’t done anything exciting!  Bob came home from work and wanted to go for a walk around the lake near our house.  I was a little hesitant because it is a decent sized lake!  I made him Google the distance and we figured it was about 9 miles!  I had just woken up and was still a little groggy, but strapped my Keens on (for the first time this year!) and we headed out the door!

It was so gorgeous outside and we truly enjoyed the time we were able to spend outside and just being able to talk for an uninterrupted 3 hours!  It got dark when we were about 2/3 of the way around the lake but we had brought our ‘blinkers’ and a flashlight and made it back unscathed….although I almost stepped on a squirrel roadkill! Ick!

I am getting so excited for this stretch of work to be over so I can go see The Hunger Games movie that just came out!  Hopefully my friends and I can avoid the obsessive tweens that have been overcrowding the theaters this weekend!

Happy Birthday Clarabella!

Happy Birthday Clarabella! I cannot believe you are SEVEN years old today!  You have grown up into such a wonderful and sweet girl!  We are so excited to see you in a few weeks and hope you have a very special birthday!

Thinking back I have SO many memories of you…..

I remember so vividly your big blue eyes streaming tears down your cheeks the first time I babysat you….it broke my heart to see you cry so hard!

Your sweet little voice singing the song your mom had made up to help you learn how to spell your name….C-L-A-R-A-B-E-L-L-A is a lot of letters for a little girl!  You have always loved to sing and love to perform.

I have played Cinderella SO many times with you…and have always played ‘Prince Charming’ so you could be Cinderella!

I remember the weekend you learned to ride your two-wheeler and how proud you were.

I will always treasure the weekend that I had you and your sister and all of the fun we had dressing up, going to the park, and just having ‘girl’ time!

How excited you were when we went crayfishing and you weren’t scared at all to grab a hold of a crayfish and show it off!

I remember listening to you read ‘Dick and Jane’ and being blown away by how diligent and smart you were!

You were such an awesome helper with wedding invitations and favors and sat so quietly for hours putting stamps on the invitations!

You and your sister were the BEST flowergirls a bride could ask for!  You were so grown up, so well-behaved, and looked so beautiful….

Bob and I feel so blessed to have you in our lives!

And of course…another trip down memory lane 🙂

Summer 2008

Fall 2008

Winter 2009

Spring 2009

Summer 2009

Winter 2010

Spring 2010

Summer 2010

Summer 2010

Winter 2011

Summer 2011

Fall 2011

Wedding Season!

Bob and I have enjoyed going to many of our friends weddings over the past few years…and it always seems like we have at least a few ‘Save the Date’ or Invitations on our fridge….as of right now we have 5!

The spring weddings kicked off with our friends Kristen and Jose who got married in a beautiful ceremony outdoors!

Who would ever have thought in Minnesota that a wedding could be outdoors in the middle of March!  It was 75 degrees and absolutely gorgeous…the wind was the only element against them and it wasn’t even that bad!


We had a great time catching up with friends….Bob just about ate his weight in mashed potatoes…and we had fun dancing!

Bob got to dance with the bride during the dollar dance!

And of course we both enjoyed the fog machine and lights!

Not bad for a self-timer picture huh!?

After we had enough time to swing by my friend Emily’s house where we were able to spend the rest of the evening enjoying their wonderful company!

Spring Has Come!

Spring has come…and I am hoping it is here to stay!  Living in Minnesota, I have learned to never trust the weather but this past week has been gorgeous!  It has been in the 60s and 70s every day!  I have slept less after work and felt more rested than I have all winter and I am so excited!

Bob and I have been trying to take advantage of the gorgeous temperatures because we have the sinking suspicion that it is not going to stay.  We are lucky to have walking trails in a forest/field really near our house.

We were lucky enough to see 5 deer and I could not believe how close we got to them…2 of them never moved as we kept walking!

There are multiple different paths through the area and we are excited to try out each one!

And this time…even though it was beautiful when we started walking…I had learned to bring a jacket along because the temperature drops really quickly!

What a beautiful day!

‘Let the heavens rejoice, let the earth be glad; let the sea resound, and all that is in it. Let the fields be jubilant and everything in them; let all of the trees of the forest sing for joy.  Let all creation rejoice before the LORD, for he comes,
he comes to judge the earth. He will judge the world in righteousness
and the peoples in his faithfulness.’

Psalm 96: 11-12

Opening Day

 Our favorite ice cream shop opened up for the season yesterday and Bob and I were SO excited!  It is a tiny walk-up shop right in the middle of the downtown area and we frequent it quite regularly in the summer!

Typically, I try to justify getting ice cream by rollerblading there to offset a few of the calories and since it was so beautiful outside yesterday (70 degrees!) we decided to walk.  I might have been a little too enthusiastic about the weather and didn’t bring a sweatshirt or a jacket and as soon as the sun went down I was FREEZING!

We rounded the corner to the ice cream shop and this is what we saw!

The line literally wrapped around the block!

But we happily got in line and all I could think about for the next 45 minutes was this….

A chocolate-peanut butter dipped vanilla cone….absolute heaven!

Meanwhile Bob had built up an appetite while waiting in line and he enjoyed his 2 hotdogs and strawberry dipped cone 🙂

Simultaneously of course!

We are so excited for the wonderful spring weather and are looking forward to many more ice cream trips!

Out With the Old, In With the New

We have been looking for a new stove for what seems like forever and last week we finally narrowed down our choices to two different models, a Frigidaire and a GE.  I always have to shop around at different stores to make absolute 100% sure that whatever we purchase is EXACTLY what I want…so we went to 3 different stores and thought we had our minds made up until we found out that an Extreme Warehouse Sale was going to be held this past weekend.

Bob and I ventured out midafternoon (after I woke up from work) and were excited to find the GE, which had been our 2nd choice, on sale for over 200 dollars off!  We bought it on the spot…nothing gets me excited like a good sale!  We got a good laugh because at the warehouse, they must have been expecting huge lines and they had a massive banner up that said ‘Thank you for your EXTREME patience’….for all of you who know my dad understand and we of course called him and shared a few laughs (and I am still kicking myself that I didn’t snap a picture!)

So we brought the stove home and it sat in the garage for 3 days while we had to wait for the energy company to come out and install a gas line (who knew that my Mr. Fix-It isn’t allowed to run gas lines!?)

It was pure torture…those beautiful 5 burners, convection oven, and shiny stainless steel sitting in the garage.  I was aching to bake…

But first things first, our hand-me down stove got pulled from the wall…

and I have never been so excited to clean up a mess just because I knew that our new beauty was going to sit there!


(In hopes of not having to take back our old stove we put it on the side of the road in front of our house….)

and the next morning it was GONE!

I was practically drooling with this sitting in our kitchen and was so excited knowing that the installation guy was going to come while I was asleep I woke up at noon just to check it out!


I cannot wait to start baking….and first I think I am going to make Snickerdoodle Bread!

I am so thankful for a husband who puts my needs wants first and lets me decorate, paint, and buys me beautiful kitchen appliances!

Finally, a very special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wonderful mother!

Attempting to be Crafty

I am probably one of the LEAST crafty people that you will ever meet in your life.  My Type A personality has much to do with this as I am a very ‘straight and narrow’ thinker and creativity is NOT one of my strongest attributes.  But…once in awhile I like to dabble in the art of ‘crafting’ and try to enjoy it in the process.

So out came my supplies….dusted them off and got right to work.  The overachiever in me stepped forward right from the beginning as I decided to tackle 3 St. Patrick’s Day, 3 Easter, 4 Birthday, and 1 Wedding card (if you lost count that is a grand total of 11 cards) but I knew I had quite some time for working on them.  Since Jake and Aleta came over last night, I reluctantly gave up watching the finale of the Bachelor.  So…the typical 2 hour finale was followed by the After the Rose Ceremony so I knew I had a solid 3 hours of uninterrupted horrible TV to accompany me on my crafting.

St. Patty’s Day…check! (I forgot to take a picture of them but if you look really closely you can see through the envelope)

Such a cute stamp!

Might be a touch crooked, but on the inside I put an adorable egg that I think makes up for the crookedness!


My creative juices were running on short supply during my birthday cards and they ended up looking quite similar to the Easter ones…oh well they were all going to different people anyways!


And then I needed a little break to get over my anger….for all of you that watch the Bachelor can we please give a collective groan over the fact that Ben picked Courtney.

Then I decided you all would like to see a step by step….after I missed the first few.  So I start by stamping the clear embossing ink onto the card using whatever stamp is appropriate for the card.  Then I pour the embossing glitter over the wet stamp and then tap said glitter off of the card…see above birthday card….and pour the excess back into the little jar.

As you can kind of see here, it looks like little grains of sand sticking to the embossing ink.  I use a little watercolor paintbrush to gently brush off excess glitter that sticks to the paper. Then comes the fun part!

Using my embossing gun, I heat up the glitter until it melts…and thus the end results!


So I didn’t quite finish while watching the Bachelor but it only took one episode of Revenge before I was finished….and my creative juices have been maxed out until next months birthday cards are ready to be written!  I keep the cards in our junk drawer in the kitchen, have them all addressed and stamped (and usually written), and put a sticky note on when each one should be mailed…so it might appear it is a foolproof process but alas I have sent a few late cards!