Random Ramblings

Saturday morning I came home to quite possibly the most irritating noise….a chirping smoke detector!  I was immediately reminded of the Hyundai Sonata commercial


And I’m sure I looked exactly like the guy too!  Wandering from room to room waiting with my head cocked to the side to hear precisely where the chirping was coming from.  I found it finally, at the top of the stairs right by our bedroom door.  Of course, Bob was still sleeping and all I wanted was to crawl in bed and sleep for the next 8 hours but no sooner than my head hit the pillow……


The smoke detector started talking in a horrible nasally voice!  I could have dealt with the chirping….but no way was I going to be able to sleep with that outside of our bedroom!  Being the wonderful wife I am….I gave Bob an elbow to the ribs and he kindly (but grudgingly) somehow managed to get the smoke detector down from the steep peaked ceiling.

That evening after picking up a few batteries, I got to watch firsthand how Bob had managed this feat without a ladder.

Looks pretty harmless right? (and please disregard the Christmas lights in the windows)

I was really glad I missed this the first time….he is absolutely NUTS! The stairs are right below him….so instead of helping him out I took pictures (like I said I am such a wonderful wife)

Nearly every week before I moved to the TC I looked forward to going to my favorite thrift store and used to come home with exciting purchases nearly each time….but now that I have yet to find my little goldmine I get really excited if I find anything at all when I visit any of my new stores.

These 2 x 3 feet puzzles were my staple when I was younger!  I was SO excited to find this and bought it for when the J family was planning on coming to visit.  But, since they were unable to come…I figured my $1.61 could not go to waste!  My childhood memories came flooding in as I remembered putting together countless of these Disney puzzles!  And I justified putting the puzzle together as a 24 year old because I simply had to make sure all of the pieces were there!

I am SO excited for dinner tonight….my friend Kirstin posted a link to a recipe she found online here for Crock Pot Buffalo Chicken (easy easy! which is my favorite part!)

Just from the few tastes I may have snagged while pulling the chicken after it had been in the Crockpot all day…it tastes delicious! But I decided that a little delay of gratification would be the best idea and put the chicken back in the Crockpot to cook just a bit longer!


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