Red Bull Schlittentag

Once again, Bob came up with a fun event for us to attend!  I had to work this weekend but was looking forward to having plans and being able to spend time together and with friends and family!

Red Bull had yet another event hosted in the TC, although this was on a smaller scale than Crashed Ice we still had a great time at Schlittentag.  For all you who didn’t take German for over 6 years (I thought German was THE language to know), Schlittentag translates to ‘sledding day’.  Teams of 3 across the TC designed sleds using skiis, snowboards, PVC piping, and many more creative designs.

One of the surviving sleds at the end

The sleds then had to slide down a local ski tubing hill and successfully go off and land a jump at the bottom.  The sled that landed the furthest won.  Sounds simple, but then start thinking about logistics!  Steering, stability, weight….hahah it was hilarious!

We were lucky enough to get a spot right at the jump and couldn’t have had a better viewing!

Bob and Matt

Dani, Steve, Bob, and Kelly

We had a great time laughing at things like this…..

 The jump was a little disappointing….we had thought it would be a lot bigger than it was but still provided plenty of entertainment!

Red Bull of course provided great entertainment with music and their famous Red Bull Truck!

We had so much fun and I went into work with a smile on my face!  Who knows what Red Bull will come up with next!  Maybe next year we will participate as Bob has already been scheming of ‘brilliant’ ideas. I might be in trouble!


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