Bachelorette Party!

I have the most amazing friends, I know most people think this, but I truly do.  They have been with me through the thick and thin and I know will always be at my side. Right after Bob and I got engaged, Emily started talking about having a destination Bachelorette party….I was all for it!

With our busy lives, I wasn’t sure if it was actually going to happen, but my three closest friends Emily, Lydia, and Stacy, and my lovely sister Carrie (from NY) planned an amazing trip…and kept me OUT OF THE LOOP about everything!  I had absolutely NO idea where we were going (except that it was going to be warm) and was so excited about this!

How they all kept this a secret from me for months is beyond me, and I may have driven them crazy by asking them about it every day…but in the end it was so special to have this huge surprise!

(this of course called for pedis before we left!)

When we got to the airport, I STILL had no idea, and they managed to get me through checking in our luggage and through security and sitting at a random gate until right before our plane left! Emily had these cute shirts made that said “Where are we going? Kelly’s Bachelorette Party” on the front and then our names on the back with Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, and Bride underneath.

Lydia, Stacy, Emily, and Carrie

Just before we boarded, they took me to our gate and I was SOOOOO excited we were going to ORLANDO! Right away I knew where one of the places we were going…..


Okay I know….I am like a 10 year old kid.  But Harry Potter has always been one of my favorite things…and maybe it is because I started reading the books as a 10 year old (okay maybe more like 12 year old) I have been hooked since.  After hearing in 2007 that this park was going to be opening in 2010 I knew I HAD to go! And like good friends, they all knew my dream and made it a reality!

The whole plane ride, it was like I was traveling to Florida for the first time! I was soo excited and couldn’t wait to get there!  Emily had booked us a suite at the Hilton Grand Vacation and it was sooo gorgeous!

The three bedroom, three bath, full kitchen suite was perfect!  The 5 of us were so pampered the whole time! It was wonderful…and of course we spent some time by the pool

But the girls knew my anticipation couldn’t be put on hold too long and the next day we went to Islands of Adventure (which holds the HP park)

Stacy, Lydia, Kelly, Emily (Carrie couldn’t fly in until the next day)

It was better than I had imagined….seriously like stepping into the books!


Hogwarts in all of its glory 🙂

Post Office

Flying Ford Anglia

Stopped for some midafternoon Butterbeer

Kelly, Stacy, Lydia, and Emily with Hogwarts

Inside Ollivander’s

The epic sorting hat

The Hogwarts Express

We spent most of the day in HP world and even though it absolutely poured an hour after we got there…we suffered through with wet hair and clothes and eventually the sun came out again…but no worries I had a smile on my face the whole time!

Kelly, Stacy, Emily, Carrie, and Lydia

It rained nearly every day…but we managed to get some quality putt-putt time in!

Kelly and Lydia

For transportation, we used the I Ride Trolley and at first thought it was pretty slick.  It picked us up right in front of the hotel, and would take us pretty much anywhere down International Drive.  Well, as soon as it started pouring every day, the trolley got too full and was too overbooked to pick up more guests and traffic got horrible.  So…we had a few issues with it 🙂

Still smiling while waiting!

Our last day in Orlando was spent at the most magical place….Disney.  I have always had a fondness for Disney and LOVE spending time at this wonderful park!

We saw Mickey at the parade!

Visited ‘It’s a Small World’ which is still great every time!

Lyddie having fun on the Speedway

Trying to get a good picture of the 5 of us!

Splash Mountain

You can see the backs of the shirts here! SO cute!

Kelly, Lydia, Stacy, Carrie, Emily

With Sleeping Beauty and her prince (who we thought looked like he was in High School!)

Stitch (who just happens to be the same size as Lyddie!)

Stacy, Emily, and Carrie loving Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters!

and then we got to MEET Buzz!

I never can get enough of this castle!

Being that it was right around Halloween time…Disney was throwing a Halloween party every night for an extra 50 dollars per ticket. We were not planning on going to this but a SUPER nice lady gave us free tickets since it was my bachelorette party! We had not gotten our tickets before we took the ferry over to Magic Kingdom and I was freaking out that we would have to go back across the lake, purchase our tickets, and come back again but the nicest lady helped us at Guest Services and gave us those tickets for free!  We were so excited and enjoyed the special parade….going trick or treating….and enjoying the short lines on the rides! (oh and a few extra hours at MK!)

Watching the ‘Villains’ walk in the parade…I couldn’t help but smile when the little girl standing in front of us started crying and burying her face into her mom’s shoulder! That definitely would have been me when I was little!

Such a fun day! We were exhausted when we finally got back to the hotel…

We had such a fun time and created so many memories that I will never forget and always treasure!  These girls are truly the best friends a girl could wish for!


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