Snowboarding and Skiing

Bob and I found ourselves with an unplanned weekend this weekend…which is absolutely UNHEARD of with us! I work every other weekend, so the weekends I have off are usually planned to the brim of exhaustion, but nonetheless we both live for those times!

We both love skiing/snowboarding and had yet to go this season due to the crazy weather.  It is hard to believe there is NO snow on the ground, nor has their been for the majority of the winter.  This is MINNESOTA for crying out loud!  I have to admit that I am loving the warm weather, and do not miss the frigid cold that catches your breath, the wet pants that drag in the snow, and the treacherous driving.  But there is a small part of me that is missing the beautiful winter landscape and the snowy trees.

Luckily, even though there is no snow on the ground, the ski hills are able to make enough snow to keep the hills covered.  So, we decided to spend our Saturday at the ski hill!

I grew up skiing with my mom and sister but made the transition to snowboarding about 6 years ago and have never looked back.  Bob, on the other hand is a phenomenal skier and puts me to shame.  He is so patient with me though and waits without complaint as I strap in at the top of the hill and without fail waits at the bottom for me to slowly come down the hill.

To put it nicely, I am a little cautious on the hills.  I have had my fair share of nasty falls, long lasting pains, and near-misses so my adventure seeking self is a little more reserved on the hills than Bob!

(this picture is from last year since I realized we didn’t have a shot of the two of us)

Going snowboarding with Bob is a bit different, he loves to go through the terrain parks and see how much air he can get off the jumps whereas I like to keep my feet firmly against the ground and going through the terrain parks for me means winding amongst the jumps trying to avoid them with all of my might

I refuse to even take my phone along with while boarding, since I have been known to hit every single inch of my body against the ground when I fall, so Bob being the fearless one thought it would be fun to take some action shots….

I decided taking pictures inside the chalet would be best for me.  After 6 hours out on the hills we were exhausted and I think I fell asleep less than an hour after we got home!

This reminded me SO much of when I was in Garmisch, Germany snowboarding the Alps with friends on a school trip.  My friend Mariah is also fearless on skis and before we left, she asked if I would take a camera and she would take her video camera so we could get both shots.  I laughed and she didn’t quite get it until after she saw me take a nice digger and skid down the mountain, when she realized that both her video camera and regular camera were safest in her jacket

But she got some beautiful shots and I still can picture the Alps with perfect clarity and Mariah and I decided it looked just like Narnia!

Kelly and Mariah snowboarding and skiing the Bavarian Alps (January 2010)


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