Happy Birthday Annalisa!

We were so excited when our friends the ‘J’ family were planning on coming to visit us this weekend….and then 30 mins before they were to leave, their oldest got sick and they were unable to come.  We were disappointed but know it will work out another time!

Annalisa, number 4 in the lineup, turned 5 last Sunday and we were SO excited to celebrate with her this weekend, but alas it didn’t work out.  She holds such a special place in both of our hearts and we love her to pieces.

So Bob and I got to light the candles on her birthday cake, sing Happy Birthday in a video, and send the images to their family!

So delicious!

Purple and Pink!

There are so many things that I love and remember about Annalisa:

The first time I babysat for you, you were only a few months old and had never been apart from your mom, I was guaranteed you would sleep the whole time I was there, but you woke up less than an hour after they left.  You and Clarabella were SO upset and would not stop crying, I ended up calling Tara after I had tried everything…what a first memory

You have a love for your purple blankie like none other, searches would always be made before it was bedtime to locate this beloved blanket.

I can’t help but smile when I think about the period when naming colors was just a bit out of reach, it was so cute to hear your little voice say PURPLE! when pointing at a yellow duck 🙂

I love hearing you pray at night before you go to bed, listing off your family, purple blankie, and George (Curious George…another beloved lovie)

One of our favorite things to do was read books, I have read the special Wizard of Oz pop up book so many times even though it takes nearly an hour to get through!

You were such a brave little girl when we went sledding just before your 3rd birthday and you went down the tobaggan run!

I remember crayfishing with you and you would shriek with excitement whenever anyone caught one but would runaway when they got close to you!

When Bob came into my life, you were SO excited to meet him and since then there has been no turning back.  It is so cute to see you interact and you LOVE jumping on the trampoline with him, climbing all over him, and of course dancing!

You patiently sat for hours putting stamps on our wedding RSVPs and were SO proud of the work you did!

I will never forget how special it was to have you and your sister as flowergirls in our wedding and how much fun we had dancing at the reception (before you fell asleep in a heap of satin in the corner!)

A little trip down memory lane:

Summer 2008

Fall 2008

Winter 2009

Spring 2009

Fall 2009

Winter 2010

Spring 2010

Summer 2010

Winter 2011

Summer 2011

Fall 2011


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