As much as Bob and I wanted to have our wedding on 11.11.11, we knew it wasn’t feasible being that it landed on a Friday.  Nearly all of our guests were coming from out of town and we know how hard it is to make it to weddings that land on a Friday.  So instead, it was the anticipated day before and will always be remembered!

Emily, Kelly, Stacy

The day started off with us girls getting our nails done….one of my favorite things to do! Any excuse I have to get pampered right!



We then had lunch before getting ready for the rehearsal!  We took a bunch of the decorations over to the hotel’s convention center in preparation for getting things set up at night!

Lydia’s mom and sister, Maryellen and Julia joined us for pizza!

There was a TON of this going on as well! My crazy brother-in-law, Nick, wanted to document everyone’s ‘feelings’ before the big day and it was hard to go anywhere without a camera following you! He even managed to show up at the nail salon! Nick set up a recording studio in the living room and nearly everyone was interviewed at some point!

Bob and I with our precious flower girls Annalisa and Clarabella

We were so excited for our rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  It was the first time all of our friends had been together at the same time!

Stacy, Emily, and Kelsey

Mike, Michelle, Brian, Carl, Robbie, and my Dad

Bob and his Mom

Isaac (the ringbearer) getting to know Clarabella and Annalisa

Misti, Dani, and Steve

The rehearsal went pretty well (surprisingly!) and we all then went on to meet at Spiedini’s where Dave and Laurel hosted a wonderful Italian buffet for our wedding party and extended family!

It was such a nice to time to have the chance to talk to all of our loved ones and eat great food!  Although my nerves were starting to kick up and I didn’t have much of an appetite!

After dinner was finished, we all drove over to the Holiday Inn where the reception was to be held the following day.  My parents hosted snacks and beverages there and we had encouraged all of our guests to join us that night when they arrived into town.

Sally, Jeanne, Steve, Stacy, & Emily (S&E’s parents, minus Mark)

I was SO excited to see people come in through the door and LOVED being able to have time to chat with people before the big day!

We decorated this evening and without these 4 we NEVER would have gotten finished! Noah and Aedan laid all of the table runners, set up the lights, and were an amazing help!  Clarabella, Annalisa, and Gabriel had stayed at home to rest up for the big day 🙂

Rob, Carrie, Nick, Kathy, and Kristi (my sister and brother-in-law with his family)

Carrie with Uncle Mark and Aunt Maryellen

Maryellen, Julia, Brittany, Dave, Robbie, Kelsey, and my Dad

Misti, Carl, Steve, Dani, and Laurel

Uncle Putsie, Cindy, Aunt Eloise, and Jenny

Aunt Su, Aleta, Jake, Mark, and Uncle Jim

Gustie Nurses! Alyssa, Mariah, Kelly, Kelsey, and Lydia

My favorite professor Heidi and her girls Claire, Sophie, and Paige

Mandy, Brian, Mike, and Michelle

Grandpa, Grandma, Mary, Aunt Jan, and Uncle Dave

We had such a great time socializing and it was awesome to have so many hands to help set up as the night progressed! Tulle was hung from the chandeliers, place cards were assembled, tables were laid out as I envisioned, and I couldn’t be more thankful to all those who helped! I truly could not have envisioned things going as smoothly as they did and I went to bed easily that night knowing that things were all ready for our BIG day!

Sorry for the picture overload….I promise I will break down the wedding into multiple posts so it won’t be as bad! 🙂


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