Valentine’s Day

After working the night of the 13th I was SOOO excited to come home to Bob and serve him a surprise coffee cake (his absolute favorite!) and give him his present.  I opened the garage door…and his car was gone.  What a huge disappointment…he had to go into work early and couldn’t wait until I got home 😦

After a rough ‘night’ sleep, Bob woke me up with a wonderful Valentine’s breakfast served in bed!  At 6:30pm he brought this tray up!

What a sweetheart!  And I know you can’t tell from the picture…but the pancakes and eggs were dyed pink! So cute!

He also got me these:

x2 boxes since he knows they are my favorite!

and I was so excited about this!

Which I am sure he is thrilled about…hahaha I fell in love with the Twilight series before the books became a huge hit and have been excited for every movie release (but no worries HP will always win when comparing the two!)

Finally, Bob gave me a gift certificate to make a photobook on Snapfish.  I LOVE making these and am so excited to catch up on the past few months!

Hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day!


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