Baking Fails at 5AM

After having been cancelled at work….I was able to sleep a few hours at night but since I had slept during the entire day before I woke up about 4 o’clock wide awake and decided to get some things done!  I made a few cards for Valentines Day, a Birthday card for a very special little girl, and watched a little TV.

I stumbled on a few recipes that I decided I wanted to try…and why not start at 5 in the morning! Bob was sound asleep so I knew there was no way my banging around in the kitchen would wake him.

So first off, I started with attempting to make Amish Bread…the dough tasted great and I LOVED being able to use my dough hook on my mixer instead of hand kneading!

I was a little leery about the dough after leaving it to rise for an hour on the stove…the dough tasted great but I was still nervous about how it looked.

And FAIL….I don’t know why the bread turned out the way it did but it was super dry on the outside and the inside was doughy so into the garbage they went.  Any hints or suggestions??

Since it was only 5:24 I decided to attempt the next recipe ‘Easy Orange Rolls’ thinking that Bob would LOVE these….and I really liked the word ‘easy’ in the title!

First I meltedthe sugar, fresh squeezed orange juice and zest, and butter

As I was opening the biscuits (which used to be one of my favorite things to do when I was younger) there was a HUGE bang and the biscuits exploded all over the counter!  I held my breath for a couple seconds and listened for Bob…but I think he could sleep through a tornado so I was safe!

I dipped the biscuits in the sugary sauce and put them in an Angel Food pan (we don’t own a Bundt pan) and here are the results!  Can you see the piece I sampled before I remembered to take a picture!

The results were average I thought…the sauce was still a little runny for me since I am used to Monkey bread with it’s carmelized topping.  I took it upstairs to Bob and he was so thrilled and said he loved it (and proceeded to it half of it!)

So one fail and an ‘average’ result….not so pleased with my 5AM trials.  Maybe next time I will try to bake like a normal person during the day! (it is now 9AM and this post is already finished! haha)


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