Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

I have always LOVED this show and have watched nearly every episode in its 9 seasons…and was sad to hear that they were done filming.  I have always been touched by each family’s story and have been brought to tears by so many of the episodes.

My sister used to work at an upscale hotel in downtown Minneapolis and told me about the times that Ty Pennington stayed there and how she got to meet him….I was am still jealous!!!

My friends Stacy and Emily volunteered to generously come and stay with us for a weekend and do a mini home makeover on our house! Bob has lived in our house for almost 2 years….and to sum it up the house was nearly bare to the bones.  Upon moving in after the wedding, my things helped to fill the house and with the addition of the many and generous wedding gifts we received it helped also!  But we girls decided to take things into our own hands and have fun shopping and decorating!

We started off Friday night with a whirlwind shopping trip to Pier 1, HomeGoods, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Gordman’s.

After finding a cute pillow at BB&B that we didn’t originally purchase, we were shocked to find the same fabric used on an armchair at Pier 1 and made a trip back to BB&B to purchase the pillow and order the chair!

We were welcomed home with an AMAZING dinner made by my wonderful husband….the fajitas were delicious and we spent the rest of the night picking out paint colors from the huge stack of paint samples we had picked up.

Stacy snapped this picture as we were driving down the highway…the trees were frosted white and it was simply gorgeous!

Saturday we went to IKEA where I have never been as overwhelmed in my life….

Note to any readers…DO NOT EVER GO TO IKEA ON A SATURDAY!  The store was packed, but luckily we had spent time Friday night looking online for pieces that we liked to check out in the store.  Praise the Lord for this, because it truly saved the day!

Two dollies and a full shopping cart later we were able to check out!

And…the fun was still to be had that night….we assembled

and assembled….

(even us girls pitched in!)

….and by 2:30 AM we were done and should be hired by IKEA due to our skills! We had bought a coffee table, end table, and buffet for the downstairs living room

(and the matching Pier 1 chair will go in here as well once it comes in)

The buffet which is opposite the couch and bay window. (and we have a gorgeous wooden mirror that will hang above the buffet but Bob wants to wait until we paint to hang it)

The den got a new armchair and footstool as well!

As you can tell we still have LOTS of painting to do…all of the (new!) curtains to hang, and many more decorations/shelving to fixate to the walls once the painting is done!  But most of the things are purchased/selected from what we already owned so hopefully the ‘hard’ work is finished.  Now all we have is the labor part!

It was exhausting and headache-inducing work but I am SOO happy with all that we got accomplished in such a short amount of time!  I will definitely do a FULL home tour once everything is painted and the finishing touches of decorating are added…but for now hope you enjoyed the sneak peek!

THANK YOU STACY AND EMILY FOR ALL OF YOUR HARD WORK! We couldn’t have done it without you!


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