Roller Derby

Bob always comes up with fun things to do on the weekends I am off of work.  If it were left up to me, we would probably never leave the house….but he always comes up with tickets or ideas of what we can do!

This past weekend, we ventured to watch the MN Roller Girls.  Having never seen the movie “Whip It”, I was clueless on what roller derby entailed, basically all I knew about the sport was that the girls rollerskated!

We got there early and I was able to read up on all of the rules, positions, and scoring…..but WOW is it confusing!  My head was swimming with all of the details, jammers, pivots, blockers, striped helmets, star helmets, jams, packs….

We were able to watch the ‘JV’ game first which was 2 MN teams playing and then it was time for the BIG showdown between Minnesota and Iowa.

I somewhat had figured out how the scoring went, and 362 points later MN was dominating Iowa (who only managed to score 58).  The best part for me was getting a kick out of the fact that the scoreboard only went up to 199, so they had to double back to zero!

Another great part was we got to listen to the Bratwurst Brothers play some polka music at halftime….all it takes is hearing ‘Roll Out the Barrel’ to get me excited for sports!

The game was just a bit too confusing for me….so maybe I’ll stick with football 🙂


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