Super Bowl Sunday

  This years Super Bowl was a tad bit different for me than last years….

Super Bowl XLV in Dallas, Texas

I was really missing THIS:

We had such an unforgettable time watching the Packers become World Champions.

So this year, was definitely anticlimactic with no flights, unforeseen snow in Texas, and no tailgate with past Packer players speaking.  So…only slightly different.

But Bob and I decided to have some of our family and friends over to watch the game.  

I was a little disturbed to see Bob’s grandma in a Vikings shirt…

But Jake ‘represented’ with a little Packer gear 🙂

We had a great time, most of his family had never been to our house so it was fun to ‘show off’ the work Stacy, Emily, and I had put into decorating and the work Bob had put in assembling furniture! I have another post in the works with what we got accomplished in less than 48 hours!

 It was so nice to be able to have things all ready for the party and then relax and enjoy the game!  I love a close football game, and was excited to have it go down to the last few minutes…but my affinity for both Tom Brady and Eli Manning has never been too high so I didn’t have much emotionally involved this year.

We did things the easy way and had a bunch of ‘snack’ foods and Bob made this AMAZING pulled pork for the main entree.

We joked that the party was also a ‘Come and See your Wedding Gifts On Display’ Party as well!

And since the commercials are such a big part of watching the Superbowl….I thought I would leave you with my two favorites of this year!

1) Doritos- Man’s Best Friend (

2) M&Ms- I’m Sexy and I Know It (

What were your favorites??


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