My Fitness Pal

I had caught wind of this amazing little app that helps you track your caloric intake, exercise, and weight and had to try it for myself.  I instantly was addicted, and LOVE that it takes only minutes every day!

Image from My Fitness Pal (and I wish that it allotted me 2100 calories….)

This app also has a corresponding website for you all who don’t have ‘smart phones’ and the website and app can talk to each other so you can enter your information either way!

In a nutshell, anything that goes into my mouth gets tracked on this app and with My Fitness Pal’s database of nearly every food, I have  very few difficulties in finding what I’ve eaten. In setting up, you are required to put in your weight, which was a tough thing to swallow for me….and your height as well as average mobility (nurses automatically get the ‘moderate’ rating!) and it then calculates a target goal for calories to induce weight loss in a ‘healthy’ way.

Now taking credit for everything that I ate was a challenge the first few days weeks as I am a glorified snacker.  But that Trader Joe’s Cinnamon Graham cracker….yep that’s 48 calories.  I quickly found myself ‘budgeting’ my calories for foods that I knew would fill me up.

These little buggars have managed to stay within my caloric budget nearly every day even at 48 calories apiece 😉

 Now, over a month into the program, I am SO much more aware of what goes into my mouth and that ‘hunger’ that had plagued me earlier I now contribute to being bored.  Being home alone during the day, it was so easy to just swing into the kitchen for a quick snack, and by simply being more aware of WHAT I was eating and WHEN I have been so happy with the results!

The other thing I had to invest in was a scale, and for all who know me…this was a BIG deal!  I have never owned a scale before, and had never ever wanted to know my actual weight….but this has truly changed everything for me.

I am careful to meet my caloric intake every day (because the app gets ‘mad’ at you if you don’t) and I LOVE the fact that garnering exercise means extra calories which usually translates into something sweet for me… 🙂

Last week I had a mad craving for my favorite J recipe, Disappearing Brownies which my husband had made and were sitting on the counter practically begging me to eat (another) one….so I hopped on the treadmill for a half hour and voila I didn’t even feel guilty about eating (another) one!

After my weigh in this morning…I am happy to reveal that so far I have lost 13.2 pounds! And the best part is I can’t wait to continue using this great App and see where it takes me!


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