My Very Own Mr. Fix-It

Growing up, I used to always help my mom around the house in fixing things that had broken or hanging things on the wall.  It was the two of us that assembled the Jet-Ski Shore Station one cold Memorial Day weekend, and who I remember helping set up the camper on our weekend trips.  I’ll put it nicely, my dad is not blessed with a handy hand.  Luckily, my grandpa (my mom’s father) is Mr. Fix It and there was always a LONG list of things for him to do around the house when he came to visit.

I on the other hand, have been blessed with a husband that is one of the most talented Mr. Fix It’s I have ever met!

Installing a garbage disposal including wiring a switch and rerouting the dishwasher….not a problem

Setting up our entire home theater system….practically did it with his eyes closed and one hand behind his back

Brakes getting a little squeaky in the car….nothing a little time in the garage can’t fix

Installing blinds on every window in the house with the mess of screws, bolts, and brackets….piece of cake

It is definitely something I had DREAMED of in a husband, and was thrilled when I learned how handy Bob truly was.

But…I did find out that there is a limit to his talent and it came in the shape of a DVD player/recorder that was dropped off by my cousin to be fixed.  Knowingly, Jake brought his broken electronic to Bob in hopes of returning it to its original glory of recording each and every Packer game.

Minutes after Jake left, the almighty tool box came out and there were screws, wires, and pieces scattered across the dining room floor.  I laughed at his little Tinker Toy project and headed upstairs knowing that he wouldn’t quit until it was working again.  Soon it was time for me to go to work, and yet the pieces were still spread across the floor

I came home from work the next morning, shocked to find the DVD player still in disarray and asked Bob how it was going.  Frustrated he admitted that he couldn’t quite put his finger on what was wrong….and that evening I found this:

The player put back exactly as it was…complete with the same problems it had before.

My husbands weakness lies in a small electronic that managed to evade his magic touch….

Don’t get me wrong though….I am impressed by my husbands astonishing ability to fix (nearly) everything and couldn’t ask for more!


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