Snow Day!

For a wedding gift, Bob’s ‘G’ grandparents got us a brand new snowblower!  After last winter and the amount of snow that Minnesota got, Bob was ready to ditch the shovel! Grandpa George didn’t get us just ANY snowblower…..this Toro even has a joystick!

My excitement did not quite mirror Bob’s, as he could hardly wait for it to start snowing! We got a few inches right after our wedding and shockingly it hasn’t snowed since!  Our January has been crazy with temperatures ranging from 50 to -20 (with the windchill) within a week!  But still no snow!

Bob was SOOO excited when we woke up this morning to a white lawn that seems like it is actually going to stay!  I, of course, did not snowblow during the day and saved that special task for Bob once he got home.

Like a little kid on Christmas Morning!!!


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