The Wonders of Netflix

We decided last week to sign up for Netflix through our Blu-Ray player.  Bob did all of tech set up and within minutes we were watching!

I was a little disappointed in the lack of shows available for ‘insta-view’ but for only $8 a month, I am sure we will be able to find things!  I had heard great things about the television show Friday Night Lights from NBC.

From the first episode, I was hooked and I think there was enough ‘manly’ content for Bob too!  The show focuses on a variety of ‘issues’ each episode.  I love the characters of Coach Taylor and his wife Tami.  Focus often lies on their relationships and the struggles that many couples face.

Although the show does portray mainly high school kids (especially football players), I was quickly impressed with the content and intense issues that arise while still seeming somewhat realistic.  Of course, I also love the football aspect and get almost as excited about the Dillon Panthers now as I do for the Packers (I said ALMOST!).

Finally, I love the inclusion of Christianity within the show.  It is definitely not a main focus, but so rarely do you see church and prayer on prime-time television!

We are almost finished with season 1 and are excited that there are an additional 4 more seasons left to watch! It is SO nice to have shows that we enjoy watching together…..I have to admit that I have a few guilty pleasures on TV including the Bachelor that Bob does NOT appreciate but as much as I want to stop watching the horrible drama keeps me coming back week after week 😦

Bob is simply thrilled to have Netflix and have so many movies available to him, I am a little worried about his productivity although  watches most of them after I go to work!


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