Fun with Mike and Michelle

Bob’s buddy Mike (who he lived with for 6 years during school) and his wife Michelle are such fun friends to spend time with and we were excited to have a weekend that we were all free!  We drove to their house (about an hour away)….and made a pit stop along the way at one of my favorite outlet malls.

Bob was SUCH a patient shopper and he even found a few things that he liked (some with my help some without) 😉

We had a great time visiting and just catching up since we hadn’t seen them since our wedding!  Mike was one of the groomsmen and we had such a great time!

Mike and Bob

Michelle mentioned she had lost her diamond bracelet at our wedding, and I was so excited when I told her that someone had picked a bracelet up off of the dance floor and handed it to me.  I had no idea how to begin finding it’s owner…but she found me!  What a relief!

Michelle and Bob excited!

We ended the night playing one of my favorite games, Just Dance on their Wii.  I am by no means a dancer, but it is so much fun to attempt to mimic their dance moves!

 The guys even grudgingly agreed to play and I am pretty sure they enjoyed it as well!

Bob showing off his moves

A High Score!

Mike got a little tired before we were finished 🙂

We had a great time with them and just wish we lived a little closer to each other!


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