Red Bull Crashed Ice!

Bob has been excited about this event for weeks and we were both looking forward to spending the evening downtown!  A brief synopsis of the event….an ice ‘track’ is built downtown that started at the St. Paul Cathedral and had dips, sharp turns, and jumps that the skaters had to battle while racing to the finish line.  I somewhat relate it to a roller derby race on skates.   This was the World Championship event so it was kind of a big deal within the sport 🙂 Here is the website

We started the evening with dinner at Cossetta’s since it was just a short walk to the event.

 Their lasagna is delicious and it was a quick meal so we could go early to watch. (Thanks Bob for the super cute picture- ha) 🙂

St. Paul Cathedral…so gorgeous!

It was super cold outside compared to the past few weeks (only 10 degrees) and although we were bundled up, it wasn’t quite enough!

The track was built to bridge over the road in front of the Cathedral!

We were so excited to get a spot right next to the boards so we could see the skaters up close!  This was the semi-finals night so there was a TON of competition within the heats to place first or second and advance!

There were tons of people, but we were able to switch to a few different spots to see different parts of the race but unfortunately my camera battery died because it was simply too cold! We had a great time but I was SOO excited to warm up in the car and unthaw my fingers and toes!


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