Cake Pops!

Saturday Night Bob and I went to my college roommate, Emily’s parents house for dinner.  Their home has always been my ‘home-away-from home’ and I LOVE spending time with them!  Emily gave us a cake pop maker for Christmas and of course we had to try it out!  Our friend Stacy was over as well, so poor Bob had to deal with a lot of estrogen!

Stacy mixing up the batter

Emily, Kelly, Stacy

Stacy was the pro, having make cake pops before so she took charge in filling the machine.  Although last time she made them she did it all by hand!  I think I like the shortcut way!

They looked like cute little donut holes before we dipped them!

Then we melted almond bark and added some fun blue food coloring to make the cake pops aesthetically pleasing!  And just as an FYI, almond bark has no almonds and this was proven true after Bob ate all but one of our finished product that we took home with us!

Struggling a bit with covering the cake pops!

Finished product!

(Bob mostly watched football with Emily’s brother and dad but he did contribute with the final touches of sprinkles!)

The cake pops turned out great and Bob is really hoping that I make them again soon!  And best of all, I had a blast with my friends!


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