Wedding Prep

Planning our wedding was something that I was half looking forward to and half dreading.  I decided early on to make decisions without second guessing myself and this was such a huge blessing.  I managed to stay remarkably calm through the entire process…and for all who know me know how big of a deal this is! But we’ll start at the beginning…..

Aedan, Annalisa, Stacy, Mom, Clarabella, Noah, Me (pardon my 2 days post-op wisdom teeth) and you can’t forget Tara the photographer!

Invitation making at the J’s house!  This was such a busy day but we got SOOO much accomplished!  We had everything printed, and Stacy, my mom and I had embossed the inserts the day before.  Assembling was such a daunting task, but the J family volunteered to set up shop and with 5 extra hands (plus Stacy) we were able to get everything done!

What a production! But so much fun to see 4 kids sit for 3 hours and patiently assemble invitations and beg for more to do once we were done!

Annalisa putting stamps on the RSVP cards

Our wedding favors were also homemade and also couldn’t have been done without a HUGE help from my sister Carrie, Stacy, Emily, Dani, Steve, my mom, and Bob’s mom.  One weekend, we all gathered at Bob’s house and made almost 1300 mints.  I swear there was sugar everywhere!  It was fun at first, but by the end we all just wanted to be finished!

Bob, Emily, Stacy, and Me….towards the end 🙂

My sister painted pails for each guest that we placed the mints in and they turned out really cute!

Although I don’t have a good picture…you can somewhat see it here!

Bob and I also made our own wedding programs which turned out super nice (in my opnion!)

These were a simple project and the only supplies we used were charcoal scrapbooking paper, white cardstock, and a silver wax seal with a heart engraving.  We had all of the programs finished in one night which completely shocked me!

The next handmade item in our wedding was Bob’s sole project.  Being the creative and electrical guy he is, he came up with this idea of name cards that were laser engraved and lit with an LED light.  Originally, I thought he was crazy and that they would be WAY too much work…but Bob proved me wrong and the finished product turned out amazing!

A close-up look

Each wooden base of the name-card was spray painted a color based on that guests meal choice.  Purple was chicken, Silver was steak, White was vegetarian, and the Kids Meals were Polka Dots.  I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband who would soo much time making our wedding so special!

For our guestbook, I made a 12×12 book on Snapfish that had all of our engagement photos in with lots of room for people to sign.

We will treasure this always!

Our centerpieces were a brainchild of my sister and I LOVED the way they turned out…

These are a few of the touches that resulted from all of the hard work from my amazing family and friends.  Our wedding truly was a group effort and so many hours of time were donated to help our special day be unforgettable.


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