Family Time!

Bob and I are so blessed to have two families that are so supportive and ever present in our lives.  We love having his family in the Cities with us, and we are getting used to making the trek to Wisconsin to visit mine.  It is our hope to make as many family events as possible (without killing ourselves traveling!).

Since I had 4 days off for Christmas, we traveled to Wisconsin and had a wonderful Christmas that reminded me so much of my childhood.  Bob enjoyed his first ‘W’ family Christmas Dinner….ribs, Swedish meatballs, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, candle stick salad (among many more!).  Now that I am older, I truly appreciate all of the work that goes into preparing this amazing meal and I look forward to making it in the future when Christmas is at our house!

Bob, me, Mom, Dad

Carrie and Nick (my sister and brother-in-law) flew in from NY just as we were leaving WI but we were happy to get to have dinner with them before we left!  (and enjoy a DQ cake)

The whole family (including Nick’s mom Mary- who married Bob and I!)

This Christmas season also brought about a ‘J’ celebration as Misti graduated from college! We are so proud of her, and were happy to celebrate with a big family get-together!  Since we had ‘missed’ Christmas, it was so nice to visit and have fun chatting with everyone!

Misti ‘posing’ with her DQ cake! (how lucky were we to get 2 DQ cakes!?)

Matt and Andy

Nolan showing Steve and Jerry his new Justin Bieber iPod

Chris and Grandpa J

Misti, Steve, Jeanne, Grandpa George, Jessie, Grandma J

We are so blessed to have such wonderful and close-knit families and look forward to many more celebrations!


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