Wisconsin Weekend!

Having to work every other holiday is one of the downfalls of being in the healthcare industry, but thankfully we are still able to spend every holiday together even if I am working.  I adjust my sleeping schedule a bit, and the day is only partially interrupted!  Having 4 days off for Christmas was a dream, and I was excited to be back in Wisconsin for Christmas after 2 years of being away!

We were able to meet up with Sharisa and Leah, who I swam with in High School…although I forgot to take pictures! It was such a fun time to catch up and visit after having not seen each other for nearly 5 years! I realized we truly are ‘grown up’ when 2 of us are married and Sharisa has a baby on the way!

We were also able to celebrate one of my closest friends, Stacy’s birthday Thursday night!  We are so thankful to have Stacy live semi-close to us that we get to see her both at home and when we both travel to our parents house in Wisconsin.

(pardon the cell phone picture)

One of our favorite things to do when we come to Wisconsin is visit the ‘J’ family!  They hold such a sweet spot in our hearts and we look forward to visiting with John and Tara as well as playing with the kiddos!  Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures….but I will put in one of my favorites from our wedding.  This will probably be a whole post later but the girls were our precious flower girls, Tara was my ever present and much needed right hand, John our wedding party driver, and the boys set up the reception hall!  Talk about being essential pieces of a wedding…we are SOOO thankful for all of their amazing and generous help! Gabriel even sat on my lap while we watched a part of a movie and my heart melted! I have been living in Minnesota since he was born, and while my connection with Team A (boys) and Team B (girls) has stayed strong, Gabriel has never been quite sure of me!

The ‘J’ Family

We were also able to go to Lambeau Field to watch my beloved Packers trounce the Bears!

Ready for the Game! (Jake, Mark, Dad, Me, Bob, & Mom)

 I keep getting asked about how painful it must have been to lose to the Chiefs 2 weeks ago, and part of me was SO disappointed that we couldn’t keep our undefeated record.  But the logical part of me is so thankful that the pressure is off! The Play-Offs are when all the money is on the table, so I hope that loss is out of our system!

My Aunt and Uncle invited us over for a wonderful meal before the game, and had a great time visiting!

The Packer fans! (Jake, Dad, Mark, Mom, Me, Aunt Su, & Uncle Jim)

The ‘kids’. (Jake, Mark, Me, & Bob)

 My cousins Jake and Mark went along with us, and my parents were kind enough to sit in the endzone seats so the 4 of us could sit on the 50 yard line!

 Before kick-0ff they announced that it was 41 degrees outside!  It is so hard to believe at the end of December it is this warm, and I was so thankful to be semi-warm during the game!

Jake and Mark

Bob and I are so excited that Jake is moving to our area and know we will be watching MANY more Packer games together!  After 5 touchdowns, no penalties, and a Victory we left Lambeau with smiles on our faces! (I did even hear Bob chant “Go Pack Go!”)

Bob & Me


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