A Practical Gift

After hearing that my mom fell off her bike ONCE again this fall, Bob and I knew that we had to intervene.  My mom LOVES to bike and puts over 1500 miles on her bike each year.  She uses it to go to work, the grocery store, run errands, and anything else you can think of.  Although this might seem like a great idea, it is also a very dangerous one for her.  She is known for carrying multiple grocery bags on both handle bars and a full backpack on her back, and has had multiple accidents to prove it! Her loads have included bags of charcoal, bags of potatoes, multiple gallons of milk, and a paper cutter.  After getting the last call the Mom had taken a ‘digger’, Bob and I went online and found this:

We told her that we had spies around town and that she was NOT allowed to carry anything on her handlebars anymore! (so for those of you around….keep your eyes out for her!)

Thankfully it was warm again, and we were able to work in the garage and get the baskets attached!

Of course, she had to try it out and made a trip to the grocery store!  I got a text stating that a gallon of milk fits perfectly in either basket! Now the sky is the limit for how much she can carry!

Hopefully her accidents will be a thing of the past!


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