After coming down with the stomach flu a few days before Christmas, I was praying for a speedy recovery so that our plans to go to Wisconsin for the weekend were not harmed.  Bob took great care of me while I spent a few days on the couch and we were able to venture to my parents house for Christmas!  Instead of buying each other gifts, we both decided that instead we wanted a new sound system for the TV room.  Bob was SOOOO excited about this, and of course HAD to get it installed the day it came (mind you it was a few days early!)

I watched from the couch, and when I asked if I could help with anything this is what I was handed!

A real task….installing batteries!

For all who don’t know, around the time when we were talking about the potentiality of getting engaged, Bob voiced some concern over why the woman got a gift and the man didn’t!  Knowing that I had a beautiful diamond ring in my future, stated that I would get him a nice watch.  A few weeks later, Bob must have still been thinking about this notion and asked if instead of getting a watch he could have a stove (the house had been sold without a stove due to the gas/electric debate).  Knowing that I would benefit from this, I said okay.  The following week, Bob came home from work to find one of his buddy’s old stove’s from their house in his driveway!  They had gotten a new stove and were generous enough to donate it to Bob and his desperate kitchen! So, once again, Bob engagement gift idea changed again.  This time, I had no idea what was coming my way….

Bob decided that he wanted a big screen 3D tv.

Really? A deal is a deal though, and 2 days after we got engaged Bob got his gift….although I definitely got the better end of the deal!

Anyways, now Bob’s man-cove is all set up and he told me the other day that the sole reason he bought a house has been fulfilled….after I left for work he sat watching movies with the bass turned up and no one was around to tell him to turn it down.  So easy to please!

Bob did break our rule of no other gifts, and I woke up one afternoon to this!

I LOVE to listen to music while I am in the kitchen and usually am found with my laptop perched dangerously near the sink, so I was thrilled about my new radio/CD player/iPod plug-in that was already set with my favorite Christian radio station!


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