A Work in Progress

On top of Christmas cards, thank you notes, and wrapping gifts, I have been busy making a fleece blanket for a sweet baby of one of our friends that is due to arrive any day!

I love having a project to work on, but am definitely NOT the most crafty person but have realized that I LOVE making these soft blankets!

Lately, we have had only baby girls being born to friends so I was excited to switch up the pink and purple for the shades of blue!  Cutting and tying is one of the areas that has gotten MUCH faster for me and typically I can have this done in less than an hour….

Next I print out a cute clipart and pin it on to one of the corner pieces I cut from the original blanket…haha notice this one is a bit large but I made it work!

Next I pin the cut out onto one of the corner pieces of the blanket and hand stitch it into place.  This is the tedious part of making the blankets but truly puts the special touch on each one!

Voila! All finished! We are anxiously waiting to find out this sweet baby’s name so I can cut out and stitch it onto the other side!

A few of the blankets I have made….the ones I have pictures of!


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