Game Night!

After being cancelled at work (I had volunteered to pick up a shift and they ended up not needing me), Bob and I decided we wanted to get out of the house for the evening…it was about 9pm and knew it would be a last minute effort but Bob called Steve (his brother) and he and his girlfriend, Dani, didn’t have any plans either!

We made the short trek over, and had a fun evening playing Monopoly and Yahtzee (I ended up winning this time…Bob did NOT get a Yahtzee under my careful watch this time).

Monopoly has always been one of my favorite games, and I tend to be a pretty ruthless player.  But, unfortunately this time I started out on an unlucky streak and out of my first 5 rolls only was able to purchase one piece of property.  By this time Bob and Steve had already purchased half of the board between the two of them and Dani and I kind of knew we were in trouble….

Steve and I made an under the table transfer of property (literally) in hopes of teaming up on Bob, but Bob already had a Monopoly on gold and the houses/hotels to prove it.  So ultimately, my sacrifice proved to lead to a bankruptcy for me….

Dani and Steve

We had a fun time playing and it was so nice to have a relaxing evening with friends and family! As we are finally feeling settled we look forward to many more fun evenings with friends!

The Winner!


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