A Yahtzee Controversy….

My mom had been visiting and after working all day organizing and cleaning, we were looking forward to a relaxing evening once Bob got home for work.  We had tried watching a 3d movie (Tangled- which is SO cute!) but my mom fell asleep in record time.  19 minutes in, Bob looked over and her chin was to her chest! Now he finally sees where I get it from…but I promise I make it longer than 19 minutes- most of the time!

Anyways, after our failure with Tangled, we opted for Yahtzee which happens to be one of my favorite games.  A little bit of skill, but mostly luck…

After each winning a round, we decided to play a 4th round tie break and whoever won that round was the ULTIMATE winner.  For all who don’t know me well….I happen to be a tiny bit competitive and hate to lose (and that may be a little bit of an understatement).  As what usually happens, Mom and I started talking and not really paying attention to the game except for when it was our time to roll.

Halfway through the game, I was comparing scores, and Bob had a 50 in his Yahtzee box.  I quickly exclaimed that there was NO way that he had gotten a Yahtzee because I hadn’t seen him roll it! My mom chipped in that she too, had not seen him roll the Yahtzee.  Adamantly, Bob stated that he had rolled it his first turn and exclaimed ‘There it is!’ and neither of us even acknowledged….

(a different Yahtzee…. 🙂 )

I think there is a lot to question in that unseen Yahtzee, especially since that 4th round was the tie-breaker and getting a Yahtzee almost guarantees a win…

Seems a little fishy….but I guess I trust him


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